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Coated Silver

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Coated Silver


5ml Bottle

83.33 drops per Bottle

“This is a product to both use daily and for your medicine box, emergency supply, and/or back up survival gear. I have several bottles in each place in the world where I spend time. Just for emergency, especially against skin abrasions and places where there is infection (or is potential for it). I use 1 drop every week or two or three. One main use for me is oral care. I put 1 drop of coated silver in my best spring water in an 8 ounce spray bottle. An effective dose is one drop from this super concentrate coated silver. Yes. It is like colloidal silver.

Another main use is for cleaning surfaces. Again, I take 1 drop and fill up an 8 oz. bottle of spring water. Great effectiveness! A healthy disinfectant that does not harm friendly bacteria. It’ll get after the nasty stuff, but not the healthy microbes. No side effects. This SuperConcentrate may be used topically.

For me, these are the best ways to use silver, and I’ve used colloidal silver extensively (over decades) all over the world. The bottle is small enough to travel anywhere with great concentrations of silver. It goes with me everywhere I go and has since I first found it — or it found me. That’s why I carry it. Coated Silver is unique.

Coated Silver is a product I would recommend getting a few bottles, like two bottles because they are valuable; I feel the same way about my Ormus Gold; the stuff is valuable.

Remember, Coated Silver cannot spoil. The silver will last as long as that glass bottle lasts. That’s why I promote this product and sell it on my website. Coated Silver is something profound. This type of product may disappear from the Internet. You’ll have to figure out what that means. Potent. No shelf life: this stuff lasts. Years from now, you could look back and say to yourself, ‘’ I’m glad I got that when I could.’ “

~ David Wolfe, nutritionist, adventurer, organic and biodynamic farmer

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