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Organic Omega 3•6•7•9 Supplement

Omega 3•6•7•9

(2 fluid ounces or 59.2 ml)

Packaged in Miron Glass.

A revolutionary product and an innovative source of omega fatty acids! Easy to use! Great for work and travel! Vegan. Organic.

The Omega Fatty Acids in this product support:

Heart health

Brain health

Eye health

Skin health

The Immune system

Weight regulation

When it comes to whole body wellness, Omega fatty acids pack a powerful punch. This cold-pressed formula is unique in its combination of Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-7, and Omega-9, providing a complete, advanced combination that is also organic, plant-based and non-GMO certified. Organic lemon oil gives the formula a refreshing flavour (no fishy aftertaste here!). Enjoy pure Omegas that benefit your entire body.

Clean, 100% Organic Ingredients

Dr. Group and his team have created a one-of-a-kind blend of Omega 3ᐧ6ᐧ7ᐧ9 that’s 100% vegan and has a delicious lemony taste! This omega formula is excellent nutrition for your entire body. No matter what type of health journey you're on, you can count on Omega 3ᐧ6ᐧ7ᐧ9!

Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Perilla Seed Oil