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Woman Sues THIS Restaurant After Consuming Worm-Infested Food

Karen Goode
A San Antonio woman is suing Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen after she claims she unknowingly ingested worm-infested rice and beans. Unfortunately for Karen Goode, they were New World screwworms---a flesh-eating species that, once inside your intestines, lay eggs and proceed to consume you from within. According to the lawsuit, which seeks $1 million in damages, once the eggs hatched, they "infested Plaintiff's body and began to eat Plaintiff alive from the inside-out." "Ravaged by E.coli and Helicopter Pyloria bateria infection," says the lawsuit, her suffering eventually spread with an "injury to her neck, digestive track, shoulders and arm." Sadly, the damage to her body was only the beginning: unable to work, Karen's personal business went bankrupt, causing her to lose her home and vehicles.
The Popeyes restaurant in question is located on 506 S. WW White Road in San Antonio.
A spokesperson for Popeyes said they do not comment on pending cases. New World screwworms are notorious for infecting livestock and various warm-blooded animals. However, they have been mostly wiped out in the United States. Sources: Daily Mail My San Antonio Nola