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Water Nest 100: An Eco-Friendly, Solar-Powered Home Made with Near 100% Recycled Materials

What do you call a home that can sit on small or large bodies of calm water, is eco-friendly, solar-powered, and made from 98% recycled materials. I call it amazing, but the design group, Giancarlo Zema, called it the Water Nest 100. Giancarlo Zema is based in Rome and specializes in semi-submerged architectural structures, marine parks, floating habitats, yacht and interior design. They designed the Water Nest 100 for EcoFloLife, a company based in London that manufactures and sells eco-friendly floating residential structures. I think they hit a big winner with this model. WaterNest-100-02 Image Credit: Giancarlo Zema The top of the Water Nest is constructed with 60 square meters of amorphous photovoltaic panels (solar panels) that can generate 4 kWp. kWp stands for kilowatt peak or the amount of power the solar panels can produce in ideal conditions.

Solar panels on the roof can generate 4 kWp.

WaterNest-100-03 Image Credit: Giancarlo Zema Lighting during the day is a non-issue with the Water Nest. This 100 square meter enveloping residential unit is 12 meters in diameter and 4 meters high. Construction includes balconies on the sides and large windows. Skylights are located in the bathroom and kitchen. The best thing about the Water Nest may be its versatility. It is designed as a residential unit with room to accommodate a living room, dining area, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. WaterNest-100-07 Image Credit: Giancarlo Zema

The bedroom is spacious and the furniture chosen to display the room really matches the curvature of the Water Nest and ties everything in. All furniture is from EcoFloLife.

WaterNest-100-05 Image Credit: Giancarlo Zema

The dining room has a perfect view of the outside and plenty of light. It is a perfect place for a meal or for some quick office work.

WaterNest-100-06 Image Credit: Giancarlo Zema

The living room comes complete with seating area and TV, however, I wonder if a TV is really necessary with all that beauty coming in through the ginormous windows.

In addition to being an excellent residential home, the Water Nest can also be used in commercial applications. This is what really gives it its wonderful flexibility. WaterNest-100-08 Image Credit: Giancarlo Zema In the picture above, you can see a possible layout for a Water Nest Bar. The same space can be designed to meet the needs of an office, restaurant, shop, or exhibition room. The Water Nest is built to rest on river courses, lakes, bays, atolls, and sea areas with calm waters. It also comes with a sophisticated internal natural micro-ventilation and air conditioning system. This system, along with the solar panels and recycled materials, makes the Water Nest a low-consumption residential or commercial habitat. Well, I’m all set to purchase one and take it to some private lake in the middle of the mountains. I may even share my lake with others. Who wants to join me? The only part of the nest I have yet to see is the bathroom/washroom. This is obviously a key part of every home and I am sure it looks cool in the Water Nest as it apparently has a beautiful skylight. WaterNest-100-04 Image Credit: Giancarlo Zema To learn more about the Water Nest 100, take a look at the video below: