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7 Signs Someone Is Jealous & How To Avoid It

Wondering if they're jealous of you? These seven signs of jealousy are the perfect way to find out if someone is super jealous of you...

In case you're wondering if your friends are actually jealous of you instead of happy for you, you can keep these seven obvious signs in mind.

#1 They don't truly feel happy for your accomplishments.

The number one sign that someone isn't truly happy for you is when they give you false praise or roll their eyes when they congratulate you. Bustle describes it as when they "act fake when you tell them good news." WikiYeah describes them as "insincere compliments." This is a classic sign of jealousy.

#2 They try to diminish your accomplishments.

A classic sign of jealous is when a friend tries to put down your accomplishments and try to belittle or diminish them. According to Bustle this is one way that they try to level the playing field

#3 They're imitating you.

Imitation is often times a sign of jealousy. Someone who is jealous of your accomplishments may want to try to replicate them and what better way to do that than to imitate someone. According to WikiYeah someone might be trying to copy your moves so they can be just like you.

#4 They are constantly competing with you.

The only thing more obvious than someone imitating you is when they're in open competition with you. According to Bustle, being overly competitive goes hand in hand with being jealous. WikiYeah describes the many ways a friend might compete with you and if you think about it there are quite a few.

#5 Overall negativity.

WikiYeah says it might feel like they "hate you for no reason." While Bustle says that the negativity can be more passive but equally toxic. If your friend is responding negatively to your accomplishments they are more than likely jealous of those accomplishments.

#6 They are actively discouraging you.

WikiYeah describes this in various ways. Your friend might criticize you or constantly remind you of your past failures. According to Bustle, friends who are discouraging of you are likely jealous.

#7 They are obsessed with status.

If your friend is constantly obsessed with social and economic status there's a good chance they're jealous of your status, according to Bustle. Someone who is obsessed with these things is likely to get jealous either way. Consider a person who is obsessed with these things cautiously.

The best way to avoid all this is to be honest about it.

Be open and honest with your friends. If you're feeling this jealousy then perhaps you should talk about it with their friend. Better yet, perhaps you should listen to them more often or sincerely compliment them on one of their accomplishments. Much of the time jealousy can be caused by a lack of acknowledgment on your friends part. Consider that perhaps your friend is in need of a pat on the back more than you realized. Sources: Bustle WikiYeah