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Sociologist Finds THIS Interesting Link Between Breast Size And Intelligence!

Did you know that the average American breast size has been growing exponentially? Seriously, the average bra size has gone from 34 B in 1983 to 34 DD in 2013. Does this increase say anything about intelligence? Believe it or not, it does – at least according to a recent study from the University of Chicago. And the correlation may not swing in the direction you're expecting. Let's be honest, we're all familiar with the stereotypical dumb, attractive woman with large breasts. She hangs out in movies and sitcoms, making a fool out of herself. But in the real world, that large-breasted woman could very well be a genius. shutterstock_390658906 A female sociologist took 1,200 women with varying breast sizes and had them fill out IQ tests. On average, the larger-breasted women scored 10 points higher than the others. 10 points! We're not entirely sure why this is the case. But the University of Chicago study speculates it has something to do with higher sex hormone levels that increase both breast size and intelligence. Keep in mind that the study does not suggest this to be a universal law. It's not suggesting that smaller-breasted women are dumb or that alllarge breasted women are highly intelligent. As with any study, this one looks at a chunk of the population in an attempt to get a result that might reflect the total population. In this case, they've chosen a fairly big sample size; 1,200 is no joke. And if these findings do reflect the total population after all, that would explain a few things. For one...

A Method To The Madness?

shutterstock_179722313 Through research we know that men, on average, prefer larger breasts. The reasoning behind that hasn't always been clear. But could it be that the connection between large breasts and intelligence has always been implied? That's one theory and, if it's true, would explain why breast size is rapidly increasing; we're seeing natural selection play out. An intelligent, large-breasted woman's partner is likely also intelligent, meaning their children will inherit genes for both larger breasts and brains.

What Else Does Breast Size Say?

Intelligence isn't the only thing indicated by breast size. Here are a few more fun facts about breast size and personality!

B Cup And Above? Hide The Checkbook!

shutterstock_230549551 According to a study by e-commerce behemoth Alibaba, customers who bought a bra that was sized B or higher spent more money. D-sized women were 24% more likely to shop in the 'high spending' categories than those with B cups. This could be for a number of reasons. One is that women with larger breasts who may have undergone augmentation surgery likely have more money to begin with. Another theory is that woman with larger breasts have to spend more in order to find clothes that fit correctly. We all know this is true about bras!

Larger Breasts = Lower Self-Esteem

Life isn't all a bunch of roses for women with large breasts. According to a study in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, large breasts can be a major burden. Physically speaking, a heavy pair can make it difficult to participate in physical activity. It can also lead to chronic pain. Social views of women with large breasts also play a major role here, as they often find themselves overly sexualized and even shamed.


shutterstock_160651232 How's this for unexpected? According to a study in the British Journal of Cancer, drinking just three cups of coffee per day can make breasts shrink. This increases with every cup after that. It's all because of a gene called CYP1A2*1F, which roughly half of all women possess. This gene is also linked with an increased chance of breast cancer. However, if women without the CYP1A2*1F gene drink three cups of coffee a day, their breasts tend to be larger. Our bodies are strange.

What do you make of all this research? I know you've got an opinion – share it below!

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