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Not Of This World: 7 Signs Your Child is an Old Soul

Children are fantastic. They say what they are thinking, and bring life to everything. Every so often, one comes across a child that seems a little different than most. All children are unique, but some seem "older" than others. These children display different traits than their peers. Instead of being wide-eyed and simplistic, a child with an old soul is perceptive and complex. Instead of being naïve and spontaneous, your child is sensible and knowing. Instead of being fresh and uncomplicated, your child is experienced and intuitive. (Higher Perspectives) I have a child like this and family members have told me she is an old soul. I believe I was also an old soul growing up. I never quite got along with my peers and was always more comfortable with older people.

If this seems like you or your child, review the traits below to know for certain!

7 Signs Your Child is an Old Soul

1. Otherworldly

If you feel like your child is not of this world, that is a strong sign that he or she is an old soul. Your son or daughter may seem out of place and otherworldly. He or she may also tend to enjoy spending time in a world of their own creation. My daughter does this a lot, and it is hard for me to keep up with what she is doing. But I let her do her thing, and she is happy.

2. Pensive

shutterstock_361041242 While most kids love to play all day and never seem to stop, those with old souls will tend to stay quietly absorbed in their own little meditative world. They can be considered withdrawn, contemplative, or dreamy. My daughter does this, but she is almost never quiet about it. She shares her thoughts with everyone.

3. Troubles Fitting In

Sometimes, children who are old souls have a hard time fitting in with peers. That is because they are not interesting in the drama and day-to-day life of those their own age. My daughter is very caring and is still in kindergarten, but she displays an almost mothering attitude towards her fellow students. “Are you okay?” is commonly heard when she is playing with friends, along with little bits of freely given advice. As she gets older, I worry that she may experience some bullying, but right now it is not a problem.

4. Down With Authority

shutterstock_360896189 Children with an old soul are less likely to blindly follow authority. This is because they tend to be more intelligent and observant. They consider themselves equal with adults, and this can cause some problems. My daughter will lecture me when I do something she feels is wrong. I get the worst speeches I have ever received in my life from her, and she is six years old. They are well-thought out, and more often than not, she is correct. So far, this trait has not transferred to school life.

5. Alone Time

oldsoul dW Some old souls will have a hard time fitting in with their social circles. Even children with highly developed social skills will prefer to spend time alone. My daughter loves playing by herself, but she also likes playing with her brother or a friend. Spending time alone is good for her. It means she is comfortable with herself.

6. Inquisitive

If a child continuously asks surprising questions, it could mean he or she is an old soul. These children want to learn as much as possible, as quickly as possible. This is especially true with my daughter. She comes up with crazy questions that I would never think of. (I have to then find a way to answer them.)

7. Responsible and Independent

shutterstock_335890718 Old soul children tend to be highly responsible, stable, and reliable. Because of this, parents often put too much pressure on them. These children love to help, but if they are too heavily burdened, they will seek out freedom and distance. My daughter is super helpful, and she has a lot of great ideas. I let her help me when she wants to and don't force her to when she does not.

Is your child an old soul?

Are you an old soul and never knew it?

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