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Science Reveals What Your Profile Picture Says About Your Personality!

Science suggests that your selfie might tell you a lot more about yourself than you initially realized...

Your selfie or profile picture on social media can say a lot about your personality. The profile picture or the selfie that you choose to share reveals what you want people to see which can reveal a lot about your personality. Your personality is literally an OCEAN according to those who study the "Big five" personality traits. The Big 5 personality traits that make up your personality include Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. These five traits come together to give you a better understanding of your personality. According to PsyBlog, you can recognize all five of these traits from something as simple as a Twitter profile picture. The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence released a study called "Analyzing Personality through Social Media Profile Picture Choice" and the findings are quite interesting.


People high in openness have pictures that are very aesthetically pleasing. These photos tend to have increased contrast, sharpness, saturation and almost no blur. People with high openness also had the highest tendency to have profile pictures that didn't depict themselves.


Conscientious people tend to have more natural, bright, and colorful profile pictures. People who are conscientious like order and like to follow a schedule. Conscientious people are highly detail-oriented. Although they are detail oriented a conscientious person's photo might also be blurry. Order and expectations are more important than aesthetics.


Extroverts like bright photos with bright colors. An extrovert is also most likely to have a profile picture with multiple people in it. These people are conversationalists and often thought of as the life of the party.


Agreeable people tend to have blurry pictures that aren't very aesthetically pleasing. The pictures are normally very bright and include their face. The pictures people with high agreeableness may be low in contrast, clarity, and sharpness. Agreeable people are sympathetic and soft-hearted.


People with high neuroticism tend to have pictures where their face takes up more space than normal. They are normally simple and not very colorful. They are also likely to display a bland picture that isn't even themselves. Sources: PsyBlog AAAI