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This Is Why You Should Rub An Avocado Peel On Your Elbows & Heels!

Dry skin happens. Whether it's from aging, cold weather or forgetting to use body lotion after your shower, everyone deals with dry skin. When your skin starts to get itchy and flaky, your first thought might be to run to the nearest store and pick out the most expensive moisturizer to remedy the problem. While lotions and moisturizers can do their fair share to help, have you ever thought about a more natural remedy? Dr. Anthony Youn shared his secrets for dry skin on The Rachael Ray Show. Once you see how simple yet effective his go-to remedy is, you might never purchase lotion again! If the skin on your hands or arms have a tendency to dry out, there's a simple all-natural solution you can use to add moisture back into your skin. The next time you're out shopping, skip the lotion aisle and head to the grocery section instead. Grab some olive oil and a few avocados, and you're good to go!

Natural Moisturizing Trick For Dry Skin

When a woman on The Rachael Ray Show complains about her dry elbows and heels, Dr. Youn has just the solution. He explains that instead of spending hundreds each year on lotions and moisturizers, there's a simple all-natural solution she can use to moisturize and brighten her skin. Dr. Youn explains that there's a benefit to saving your avocado peels! When you've finished your avocado, simply rub the avocado peel on all areas where you have dry skin, including your hands, feet, heels and your elbows! The abrasive avocado peel will help exfoliate your dry skin while its natural oils work to add much needed moisture. After rubbing the avocado peel on your dry skin for a few minutes, let it sit for about 15 minutes. Next, apply some olive oil to the area. The healthy fats in the olive oil will help moisturize and brighten your dull skin to renew that healthy glow!

Watch the video below to see Dr. Youn explain his natural dry skin remedy!

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