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Rose Oil: Beauty from the Outside In

Imagine for a moment lying on a bed of rose petals. If you have the chance to get all the rose petals your heart desires, what would you do with them? By the end of this informative article, hopefully there will be no lack of creative ideas. Learn about the beautifying, health-enhancing effects of rose oil and how to radiate from the outside in.

Rose Oil: Worth Its Weight

Rose essential oil usually refers to one of two species of the 270 species in existence, either the Rosa damascena or the Rosa centifolia. (1) Although both contain a plethora of life-giving properties for the physical and emotional well-being, the former is most prominently studied and widely sold as Bulgarian Rose Otto, and for no cheap price. How high you ask? Well, recent estimates place Rose essential oil as the 6th most expensive to date, coming at cost of a whopping $700 / oz. (2) Yes, you read that right! Why? Because Bulgarian Rose Otto requires a total of 4 tons of petals to produce just 1 pound of oil – equating every drop to 30 petals. Wow! Keep reading to know how to make every drop count.

Rose Water

For starters, a cheaper route to begin using rose is with the raw petals. Historically, the famous and beautiful Egyptian Queen Cleopatra was known for her frequent rose water baths and facial cleanses using water-soaked rose petals. We have learned from ancient naturalists about how rose has an effective astringent effect upon the pores of the skin. Now, with just a couple handfuls of rose petals, you can add to the Valentine’s Day gift to impress your special someone. (3)

Natural Anxiety Reliever

The science is replete with the stress-melting effects of rose oil, making it a go-to method of relaxing in a world of non-stop go. For instance, in a 2009 human study, rose oil applied topically was able to drop breathing rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels compared to a placebo. Specifically, the experts concluded, "findings provide some evidence for the use of rose oil in aromatherapy, such as causing relief of depression and stress in humans.” (4) Another groundbreaking experiment showed how inhalation of rose essential oil induced a 30% decrease in adrenaline concentration! (5) So, the next time you feel your body going into “fight or flight” mode, your relief could just be a whiff away.

Topical Beauty Enhancer

Despite the intricate process of distilling rose petals into oil, this most popular of flowers has for centuries spread its influence in the arena of beauty. In fact, the phrase "beauty is only skin deep" may be thanks to rose oil. Skin diseases, such as psoriasis and eczema, improve with the use of rose absolute oil. Here's a little background. Keratinocytes are the cells that make up the epidermal layer -- your skin. When "differentiated" they provide a protective barrier against the outside world. One study discovered that rose absolute oil (RAO) helps those keratinocytes differentiate and, therefore, protect the skin from problems. (6) You see, rose oil can actually alter and control the texture of the skin, fading scars and burns, or soothing irritation. Rose can also create a brilliant glow through its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Its over 50 phytochemicals, like the strongest antioxidant eugenol, work synergistically to slow down free radical damage, reduce signs of aging, as well as moisturize and purify the skin from toxins. (7)

Improves Menstrual and Perimenopausal Symptoms

Primary dysmenorrhea (PD) is the most prevalent gynecological issue with women. In a study conducted on 75 females with severe pain, researchers showed that the rose “feminine oil” applied in a massage over the abdomen was able to effectively reduce the pain associated with menstrual cramping. (8) But as women begin to reach the age of menopause, the problems shift. Specifically, the effects of decreased estrogen secretion can result in various health challenges, such as hot flashes, trouble sleeping, mood changes, and lower sexual arousal. So in 2017, Japanese scientists put 10 essential oils to the test for improving estrogen levels. Rose otto was one of only two oils that markedly increased hormonal estrogen concentration in perimenopausal women. (9)

Vibes Up

These days we know much about the human body and its bodily frequencies – the rate of electrical flow. For example, its natural vibration sits at 7.5 Hz. (10) Everything around us vibrates at a frequency that can impact us, including the highest vibrational substances, which are essential oils. When two energies share a frequency, they "spin" and create a vortex of spinning energy. (11) And of all the oils that can raise your bodily frequency, rose tops the charts at a whopping 320 MHz. (12)

Culinary Love

We can’t finish without mentioning how rose is so beautiful that it’s good enough to eat... literally. All roses are edible. Therefore, you have a multitude of varieties to pick from to decorate your salads and desserts. And remember, the darker, the more flavorful. OK, and the more nourishing! True, rose hips are not the rose flower itself, but the fruit of the rose also boasts some good benefits. Grind up rose hips into a powder for a natural vitamin C. You can also create a carrier oil from rose hips, and combine that with rose essential oil for multilayered benefits.

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