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The Revolution - rockin’ times through an astro lens

Is it time for a revolution? Let's look at these Rockin' Times through an astro lens! “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” -A Tale of Two Cities. It’s amazing how true Charles Dickens’s words are today. He wrote that back in 1859, and while it was accurate then, few would argue that we’re in unprecedented and radical times now - and now more than ever.

The Rockin' Times of Revolution

It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to look around and note that we’re in the midst of a revolution. We see it in politics, race, gender issues, geology, culture, technology. In fact, we’re in a period that will certainly redefine earth and humanity. That’s big picture. That’s global. We all know, too, thatas above, so below, which in many ways is a perfect and perfectly succinct explanation of how astrology works. I don’t subscribe to the notion that the planets are causing anything to happen here on earth and in our lives. No, they are an incredible map and symbolic representation of what’s happening everywhere. I hope that distinction is clear, as it’s the difference between us humans being victims and at the mercy of the planetary movements and influences, versus us being in partnership with, and in fact, causal to, the whole ecosystem of our world. Then, when we look upon the movements outside and above, it gives us information and greater clarity about what we choose to do, what we believe and what we say. Whether we call it global warming or earth shifts, few would deny that there is significant pressure upon us now to do something different - or move rapidly toward human extinction. You may think humanity is a lost cause or you believe that we are in the midst of the greatest story ever - right now capable of, and maybe evencreating, the greatest comeback ever. Either way here is some information that can empower you to create the future you wish for as well as the most elevated experience of now. If all of the above is obvious, perhaps philosophical, and swirling in global generalities, now we bring it down from the macro to the microcosm. Now we bring it to what’s most essential and interesting for most people:

Our (your) individual lives.

If you’re not in the midst of massive transformation, often showing up as destruction or letting go of aspects of your life that you were attached to or believed to be essential, almost for sure someone close to you is. In other words, a ton of people are ‘in it’ these days. And while most of us have little influence over the political or geological catastrophes taking place now, we have infinite influence over our own lives. Don’t get me wrong, there are things happening that are out of your control. And… we all have control over how we respond to them, and the meaning we make of them. The word disaster breaks down to ‘dis’ (against/pejorative) and astro (star, planet) - it means to go against the stars. So at last this article comes around to the phenomenal planetary symbology that is so unique and strong these days. By these days, I essentially mean roughly between 2012 and 2019, and it could be argued that we are in the peak of that transformational period now as we round into 2018. The players: Pluto, Uranus and to some degree Saturn and Jupiter. What are their roles and temperaments? Pluto is the essence of transformation and evolution, also known as the Lord of destruction. You can picture him as dark, scary and he’s often thought of as the bringer of pain, drama, trauma and the ripping away of that which we held sacred. Nice guy right? Why so much heaviness? Simply it’s this: human tendency is to hold on, to resist change, to stick with the known, even when the known is not working or in itself painful. So strongly do we tend to egocially resist change and letting go, the Universe or our higher selves must create scenarios that are even more painful than what we believe (often subconsciously) will happen if we do let go and move into the unknown. The irony, of course, is that it’s the resistance that causes the pain, and the fear we have of letting go is 98% illusory. Inevitably when we do release, when we step up to the fear of change, instead of pain what we find is freedom, energy, power and joy.

Who else is involved in our cosmic partnership, and why is this so familiar?

If Pluto is deep, slow transformation, well symbolized by the Phoenix who burns and then is reborn, Uranus is the electrical quick energy of revolution, rebellion, the breaking of outdated patterns and the upgrading of ways of doing things. We discovered Uranus at the time of the French revolution. For those who are old enough, or who have broad enough musical leanings, part of why our current revolutionary times are familiar is that they could be called The Sixties Version 2. The exciting period that redefined our modern world was astrologically signified by the coming together in the heavens of Pluto and Uranus. Like our current period, Saturn and Jupiter also popped in at specific times for energetic boosts. Since the sixties, both planets have continued forward in their inexorable orbits to now align into their first major aspect, a square. That’s to say that now Uranus has moved 90 degrees ahead of Pluto.
How rare and important is this?
Putting it in perspective, it’s worth noting that Pluto’s full orbit takes 248.09 years. Uranus completes its orbit in 84. The two of them align together (known as a conjunction) approximately once every 125 years. The launch of a new cycle in the 60s showed up powerfully in a myriad ways. The first square of any cycle (like a first quarter moon on super steroids) is a time of reckoning. It’s a realignment of themes that first emerged during the start of the cycle. You’ve stayed with me this long, and now is the time for the personal payoff. The themes and energetics of the 60s, as well as the heated global climate of our current time, are also present in each of our individual lives. Remember, evolution(revolution) is a process of letting go of that which no longer serves, that which is untrue, dead, irrelevant. It’s a pruning of the tree of life. Just like in nature, it’s always happening, whether we like it or not. It could be argued that we’ve had more earth catastrophes in this second half of 2018 than in any time in history. Hurricanes, earthquakes, fires. We humans have gone against the stars, against nature, and it could be that the earth and the divine are taking corrective measures to get us back in tune, back on track. Take a breath. What does that mean now, for you? While we’re not all able to have huge global influence, we are all able to be a part of the solution by bringing ourselves into alignment with truth, with ‘what wants to happen’, with our own unique destiny.
If we or someone we know has been experiencing major upheaval, chaos or life destruction, it’s for a reason.
revolution In fact, it’s for our benefit, though of course in the midst of it one seldom feels that way.
What do to?
Understand, be informed, ask yourself the important Plutonian and Uranian questions. The quality of the questions we ask decides what we focus on and what responses we get - the questions we ask determine our life! What do I need to let go of (what seems to be being ripped from me)? What wants to emerge from me and in my life now? The answers to that question often cannot clearly appear until we have already let go of some things, until we have leapt without the net yet being visible. What outdated beliefs or behavior can I now discard, especially in favor of ones that are of benefit to others, to the whole? What values do I really stand for? The '60s and our current era are both landmarked by the major clashes between old values and new, between outdated modes of exclusion (based on race, gender, sexual preferences, species) and a more spiritual world of inclusion and unity. If you wish to investigate further the important and individual meaning of these massive shifts, to reduce the pain and drama that’s affecting so many and to maximize on the incredible opportunity, energy and gifts available to us all, your own, unique birth chart holds many keys, especially in the location of Pluto and Uranus (house position).
One last offering in hopes that you’re able to smile as you ride the immense waves of change:
Consider the possibility that all that’s happening isfor us, for the positive and ultimately serving love, harmony and joy on our planet. That is how I see the world, and despite being ultimately unprovable, it’s a belief that serves each of us to show up and do our best, to be the change we want to see in the world and to optimize this precious life we’ve been given.