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Quiz: What Emotion is Your Subconscious Trying to Hide? It's All in the Cards!

We are constantly bombarded with stuff. Bills, work, children, spouse, all take up our time and our resources. Sometimes, one can be so consumed with the outside world, that they can lose sight of who they truly are and what they are really feeling. This happens to me all the time. Outside forces control my emotions, and I hate it. However, there is a way to look into one’s soul. That is through Tarot cards. Many people believe Tarot cards are only used for telling the future, but that is not true. Tarot cards are also used as a form a guided meditation. By looking at the cards and picking the ones that feel authentic to you, it can tell a person about his or her subconscious. There is also a wide variety of Tarot decks, and each deck has their own purpose. One can find Tarot cards from the African Tarot, Cat’s Eye Tarot and the Winged Spirit Tarot decks just to name a few. If one is interested in Tarot, they should really take the time to research the different decks. Certain decks work better for some than others. The important thing with this quiz and Tarot reading for guided meditation is to go with one’s gut instinct. Pick that card that stands out to you and do not overthink it!

What emotion is your subconscious trying to hide? Share your result in the comments!

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