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Pomegranate Seeds: 7 Health Benefits

Pomegranate seeds are the small, ruby-colored seeds that are both tart and sweet. Not only are they delicious, they boast many health benefits, too. For example, pomegranate seeds health benefits include improving joint health, lowering blood pressure, and improving memory. Learn more about pomegranate seeds by reading the list of benefits below. pomegranate seeds health benefits

Here are 7 pomegranate seeds health benefits:

1. Natural Aphrodisiac

Due to their many seeds, pomegranates have long been associated with fertility and abundance. However, researchers have found that pomegranate also has a Viagra-type effect. Queen Margaret University conducted a study with pomegranate juice. In the study, researchers learned that drinking pure pomegranate juice increased salivary testosterone levels significantly. Furthermore, it heightened subjects’ moods. (1) Pomegranate seeds health benefits include treating impotence, as well, in studies conducted on animals. (2)

2. Reduce Arthritis & Joint Pain

Due to the antioxidant called flavonol, pomegranate seeds health benefits include treating rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain. For example, in studies involving animals, pomegranate extract was effective in reducing the severity of arthritis and joint pain symptoms. (3) However, if you take medication for arthritis, be sure to speak to your doctor before adding pomegranate to your diet.

3. Fight Cancer

Research heavily suggests that pomegranates are one of the best cancer-fighting foods. For example, multiple studies indicate that pomegranate seeds health benefits include the ability to stop the growth of breast cancer cells. Please look into the research (4, 5, 6) Furthermore, pomegranate seeds benefits may also include the inhibition of prostate cancer cell growth. (7, 8)

4. Lower Blood Pressure

According to scientific research, pomegranate seeds health benefits include lowering blood pressure, as well. Why? Well, the antioxidants and bioactive polyphenols in pomegranates promote cardiovascular health, which includes the ability to lower blood pressure. (9,10) pomegranate seeds health benefits

5. Fight Bacterial Infections

Due to the hundreds of different bioactive compounds, pomegranate seeds health benefits include the ability to fight bacterial infections. Since ancient times, in fact, pomegranate extracts have been used to treat parasitic and microbial infections, diarrhea, ulcers, aphthae, hemorrhage, and respiratory compilations. They are also used to stimulate probiotic bacteria. (11)

6. Improve Heart Health

Pomegranate seeds health benefits extend to your heart, as well. The antioxidants present in pomegranate juice can slow the buildup of cholesterol in the arteries in those who are at high risk for heart disease. It may help prevent arteriosclerosis, as well. For example, one study showed that participants who drank pomegranate juice lowered their blood pressure by over 12 percent and saw a 30 percent reduction in atherosclerosis plague. (12)

7. Improve Memory

Pomegranate seeds health benefits include improving memory. For example, one study found that pomegranate polyphenols may provide long-lasting protection from heart surgery-induced memory retention deficits. (13) Another study found that elderly participants who drank pomegranate juice saw improvements in verbal as well as visual memory. (14) Furthermore, in animal studies conducted by Loma Linda University, pomegranate has been shown to have neuroprotective benefits. This means it can help delay the onset of slow progression of Alzheimer’s disease, making it an Alzheimer’s natural treatment contender. (15) As you can see, pomegranate seeds health benefits are many. These little ruby gems are great for breakfast, or you can even sprinkle the seeds on a salad. Add pomegranates to your weekly diet today!