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Only People With Perfect Vision Can See All The Faces In This Tree. Can You?

20/20 vision. I have not had that since second grade. My eyesight is so terrible that I have to hold something six inches in front of my face for it to be clear. But I am excellent at seeing and finding small and hidden things. I also have a good close up vision. I can really see the details. I hope I do not pass my eyesight issue along to my children. (My son, now in third grade, just started wearing glasses). However, 20/20 vision is not perfect vision. It just means one passed the vision test at an average level. Everyone knows what I am talking about. Reading the little letters on the Snellen chart while standing 20 feet away. (Yes. Without my glasses, the big E at the top is blurry, and that is the only letter I can read.) There are other ways to test eyesight. Some tests evaluate how eyes focus, adjust, differentiate, and interpret the images people see. Just because someone has perfect vision does not mean he or she can understand what they see. That is why tests like these are very important. Are you blind like me or can you see clearly? Take this quiz to find out! It uses a combination of pictures and questions to determine how well one’s eyes work.