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Orange Oil: 10 Uses & Benefits

Orange oil can improve your skin, your immunity, and even your kitchen counters. It's derived from the orange peel and is packed with numerous health benefits. As the name suggests, orange oil has a delectable orange fragrance, which is sure to invigorate the mind and captivate your senses. The most prominent active ingredients in orange oil are limonene and myrcene. These powerful antioxidants can help your body in numerous ways. For example, they fight free radical damage, reduce inflammation and even demonstrate anti-tumor activities. You can use orange essential oil at home to boost immunity, fight pain, boost your mood and more! (1)

Read below to discover what all this citrus oil can do for you and your health.

Orange Oil Uses & Benefits

1. Natural Antibacterial

Essential oils made from citrus fruits are among the most powerful when it comes to antibacterial and antimicrobial activity. Studies have shown the orange oil has the ability to prevent E. coli bacteria from forming and inhibit salmonella bacteria from spreading. (2)

You can even use orange oil to treat acne and also as part of a homemade mouthwash to effectively fight bacteria. You can learn more about these benefits by reading the sections below.

2. Kitchen Cleaner

The sweet citrus smell of orange oil can fill your home with a fresh and natural scent. It can be used to help kill bacteria from counter tops, cutting boards and appliances, without needing to use bleach or other harsh chemical cleaners. Your guests will love the way your house smells! Mix equal parts of white distilled vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Then add 12 to 24 drops of orange oil. Don't worry about the vinegar smell--the orange oil is strong enough to overpower it. You can use this cleaner in the same area that you prepare food. It will kill off harmful bacteria, such as E. coli, to help keep you and your family safe and free from illness. You can also use orange oil on bathroom counters and other bacteria-ridden surfaces of your home.

3. Immunity Enhancer

The limonene in orange oil works to enhance immunity by defending the body from oxidative stress that can cause damage. Orange essential oil has even been shown to have cancer-fighting abilities, thanks to the monoterpenes it contains which are effective agents against tumor growth. (3)

Furthermore, orange oil has been used in Chinese medicine to treat coughs and cold. Not only does it help treat a current cold, but it also helps build up your immunity to prevent the development of future colds, or at least cut down on their duration.

4. Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Orange essential oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties that can help fight pain and infection. A study published in the European Journal of Medicinal Research found that orange essential oil showed the greatest reduction in inflammation compared to several other essential oils. (4)

For achy muscles, consider using several drops (5 to 10) of orange oil in a bath. Be sure to follow up your bath by icing the affected area. Heat can relieve pain and help you relax, but it can also worsen inflammation. Icing an inflamed area after your bath will help address this issue. Alternatively, mix orange oil with a carrier oil, such as coconut or jojoba, then massage the mixture into the affected area.

5. High Blood Pressure Remedy

Additionally, orange oil can be used as a natural remedy for high blood pressure. It does this by promoting blood flow and fighting hypertension. This in turn, then, reduces the risk of heart disease. To improve blood flow, use orange essential oil with a carrier oil to create a homemade massage oil. This practice will help improve high blood pressure, but it is also a therapeutic exercise, which will leave you feeling relaxed and with a sense of clarity. This in turn may help lower stress-induced high blood pressure.

6. Mood Booster

Looking for a quick way to improve your mood and energize your mind? Then be sure to keep plenty of orange oil around the house! Orange essential oil has both calming and uplifting properties, which makes it a natural mood-booster. Diffuse the oil in your home, inhale it or add some to your body wash in the shower to lift your mood and promote relaxation. (5)

Additionally, you may choose to use orange oil with an essential oil necklace, which will allow you to conveniently carry its mood-boosting abilities with you everywhere you go. Take a whiff of it whenever you feel a crash approaching, or when you need a boost in mood.

7. Acne Treatment

Have you ever used an acne treatment that smells entirely too harsh and altogether unpleasant? Many store-bought acne treatments unfortunately come with a laundry list of questionable ingredients. Ditch the harmful chemicals and make your own acne treatment at home, instead, with the antibacterial power of orange! Orange oil's ability to fight bacteria and inflammation can be used to help heal acne. Apply orange essential oil combined with coconut oil to a cotton ball. Apply the mixture to the affected area to help reduce redness, pain and swelling. Alternatively, add a few drops of orange oil to pure liquid castile soap to make yourself a homemade acne-busting face wash.

8. Natural Mouth Wash

Orange essential oil can help protect teeth and gums from infections by fighting microbial growth. Use the oil to reduce cold sores and mouth ulcers by swooshing it around in your mouth with some water. The oil will work to kill bacteria and fight off infections. You can use it as an alternative to commercial mouthwash brands that may contain toxins.

9. Digestion Booster

Orange essential oil's natural ability to reduce inflammation and promote circulation can help promote better digestion. To help relieve cramps or constipation, massage the oil into the abdominal area.

10. Skin Saver

Citrus fruits are high in Vitamin C, which helps promote healthy skin. Orange essential oil can help fight signs of aging thanks to its antioxidant properties. To reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles and dark spots, apply a small amount of orange essential oil to your skin, along with a carrier oil. (6)