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Neem Oil: 4 Benefits & Uses

Neem oil is a naturally-occuring pesticide, good for bed bugs, mosquitoes and more. It’s found in the seeds from the neem tree and is yellowish brown in color. Neem oil’s taste is bitter and it has a somewhat sulfuric smell. It may not sound pleasant, but there are plenty of neem oil benefits. Not only does it control pests, for example, it also helps protect you from malaria. It can even help your skin! Learn more by reading below.

Here are 4 neem oil benefits:

neem oil benefits

1. Combats Bed Bugs

Neem oil benefits include ridding of bed bugs. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, when combined with other agents, neem oil is a safe as well effective agent against bed bugs, both at home and commercially. Furthermore, neem oil benefits extend to efforts in killing not just adult bed bugs, but also nymphs and eggs.

2. Serves as a Natural Insecticide

The Journal of Insect Science examined neem oil benefits, as well. They noted that conventional insecticides are environmentally hazardous and often expensive, especially when needed for widespread problem areas. That being the case, they suggested a more cost-effective and environmentally-safe method, such as neem oil. (1) Neem oil benefits include the ingredient azadirachtin, which is what is responsible for 90 percent of the insecticide effect. Azadirachtin can protect your plants from insect-induced destruction. While neem oil benefits do not include absolute insect control, frequent applications can help reduce pest populations significantly by repelling them and inhibiting larval development.

3. Skin Care

Neem oil benefits continue with the ability to treat several skin conditions. For example, neem oil benefits your skin by relieving dry skin, reducing eczema, treating acne, smoothing wrinkles, and stimulating collagen. For dry skin, neem oil penetrates deep into the skin to heal minuscule cracks brought on by severe dryness. (2) Furthermore, neem oil benefits include the presence of fatty acids and vitamin E, which can rejuvenate your skin’s cells without leaving a greasy residue. While it won’t cure eczema, it can soothe the red, dry and itching symptoms. Additionally, neem oil can smooth wrinkles and fine lines, reducing signs of aging. And, used as a soap, neem oil can offer antimicrobial benefits, helping those who suffer from acne. (3)

4. Mosquito Repellent

Additionally, neem oil makes a great mosquito repellent. According to the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association, mixing 2 percent neem oil with coconut oil provides protection from mosquitoes for 12 hours. They stated that it’s safe to use and can even offer protection in areas of the world where malaria is a danger. (4)


There isn't a standard dosing for this product in regard to age or health conditions, as such, it should be used with caution. Furthermore, consult your doctor before using neem oil on a child, or if you are nursing or pregnant. And if you are currently on any medications, consult your doctor before using neem oil.