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Mullein Essential Oil: 10 Uses & Benefits

Mullein essential oil is extracted by steam distillation from the leaves and flowers of the Common Mullein or the Wavy Leaf Mullein. The oil has natural anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, disinfectant, diuretic and expectorant properties that can be used in both aromatherapy and natural medicine. (1)

Mullein Essential Oil

1. Numbs Pain

Mullein essential oil has a natural numbing effect on the nerves. It can help relieve pain caused by a cold, sinusitis, a headache or toothache. The oil works as a natural analgesic without the adverse side effects of general analgesic pills.

2. Reduces Inflammation

The anti-inflammatory properties of mullein essential oil can help reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract caused by a cold, as well as inflammation in the digestive system caused by spicy food. Mullein oil can also help reduce a fever and other other forms of inflammation in the body. (2)

3. Fights Infections

Mullein essential oil has natural antibiotic properties that can help protect cuts and wounds from infection. The oil works by eliminating microbial growth and activating white blood cells to prevent and stop infections. (3) Mullein essential oil flower

4. Disinfects the Body

The disinfectant properties of mullein essential oil can help cure both internal and external infections. The oil works by disinfecting and curing infections in the genitals, urinary tract, colon and kidneys. Externally, mullein oil fights infections on the skin.

5. Detoxifies the Body

Mullein essential oil is a natural diuretic. It helps drain toxins out of the body, including uric acid, excess salt and water retention. Mullein oil also helps keep the kidneys healthy and clear of deposits.

6. Relieves Respiratory Problems

The natural expectorant properties of mullein essential oil can help reduce congestion caused by colds, allergies and other respiratory infections. Mullein oil can provide relief from coughing, heaviness in the chest, asthma, bronchitis and congestion. (4)

7. Fights Fever

Mullein essential oil has the ability to fight off a fever thanks to its anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. The oil helps remove toxins and waste from the body while reducing inflammation to lower body temperature and fight a fever. Mullein essential oil flowers

8. Relaxes the Body

The natural relaxing effects of mullein essential oil can help reduce blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart attack and calm an irritated nervous system. The oil provides relief from muscle cramps, anxiety, stress, anger and depression.

9. Fights Insomnia

Mullein essential oil's calming effects can help fight chronic insomnia as well as stress-related insomnia. Using the oil in aromatherapy before bed can lower stress levels and promote a peaceful night's sleep.

10. Treats Ear Infections

Mullein oil's natural astringent properties can help naturally cure an ear infection. Studies have shown that using mullein oil as an ear drop is just as effective as using anesthetic ear drops. (5) Caution: Mullein oil is not known to have any negative side effects. It is non-toxic and non-irritating.