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Mugwort Essential Oil: 10 Health Uses

Mugwort essential oil, which dirives from the leaves, buds, and flowering tops of the Mugwort tree, has a noteworthy history in Chinese and European cultures. Its medicinal properties were used to treat various illnesses, while in Europe it was said to be used in witchcraft and black magic. Many people regard mugwort as a weed, and therefore easily cast it away as useless or as a hindrance. However, mugwort has numerous medicinal qualities, making it useful in treating such conditions as epilepsy, digestive disorders, and intestinal worms, to name a few. (1, 2) You can learn more about the specifics of the benefits this oil can offer by reading below.

Mugwort essential oil leaf

Read more about the health uses of mugwort essential oil:

1. Anti-Epileptic and Anti-Hysteric

Mugwort essential oil has soothing and relaxing effects. As such, it can be used to treat hysteria attacks, as well as epileptic episodes. It may even help treat epilepsy. (3)

2. Helps With Problematic Menstruation

Those who suffer from blocked menstruation may find relief with mugwort essential oil. This substance is what’s called an emmenagogue, which means it can make your periods regular, as well as address other period-related symptoms. For example, it can help with fatigue, headaches, abdominal pains, and nausea. Furthermore, mugwort oil can help avoid early menopause. (4)

3. Warms Your Body

Mugwort essential oil has a warming effect on the body. As such, it can be used to counter the effects of cold temperatures. Think of it as a heater in a bottle, to combat chilly winter nights. (5)

4. Relieves Digestive Disorders

Tummy troubles that come with certain digestive disorders can present painful and uncomfortable symptoms. Mugwort essential oil, however, can help cure some of these disorders. For example, it can regulate the flow of digestive juices in order to facilitate digestion. It can also inhibit microbial infections in the stomach and intestines. (6)

5. Powerful Diuretic

Mugwort essential oil can address a variety of ailments related to urination. Examples of these include chronic renal failure, renal calculi, obesity and hypertension. It can also help relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, and gout. This is because mugwort oil is a diuretic, helping remove toxins from the body that cause some of those conditions. Furthermore, it increases urination, both in frequency and quantity. The added bonus of this ability is you will likely see an increase in appetite as well as an improvement in digestion. (7)

6. Calms Nerves

With its calming effects, mugwort essential oil can be taken as a tonic for the nerves. Use it to treat various nervous afflictions and disorders, as well as to strengthen the nerves. The unique thing about mugwort when it comes to treating nerve-related afflictions is that it sedates the nerves in cases of shock, while also stimulating them to make you more alert. (8)

7. Stimulates Hormones

Mugwort essential oil stimulates nearly all the functions in the body, such as circulation, the secretion of hormones and enzymes from endocrinal glands, the discharge of bile, respiratory, and milk in the breasts, to name a handful. Several of these effects are attributed to mugwort’s effects on certain hormones that regulate bodily functions. (9)

8. Corrects and Prevents Uterine Ailments

Maintaining proper uterine discharges and stimulating the production of certain hormones that keep the uterus functioning properly are also in the job description for mugwort essential oil. Furthermore, this oil can protect you from uterine ulcers and tumors. (10)

9. Kills Parasites

Mugwort essential oil, due to its toxic nature, can also kill parasites. However, it should be administered in only small doses to children. It’s effective on roundworms and tapeworms alike. And as worms can rob the body of nutrients, mugwort oil can also help bring back strength and normalcy to the body by eliminating parasites. (11)

10. Improves Memory

Other benefits of mugwort oil include its ability to improve concentration and memory. This benefit is magnified when combined with rosemary and sage essential oils. (12)

Proceed with Caution

Mugwort oil is toxic, irritant, neurotoxic, and abortifacient. Essentially, that means it’s poisonous and has narcotic effects on the brain and nervous system, and can cause abortions. You should not use it during pregnancy. (13)