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Mom Saw Her Baby’s Face and Abandoned Him. Then a Nurse Did the Unthinkable!

When Adam was born in northeastern India, his mother took one look at him and said if she had to take him home, she would poison him. Both parents did not want the baby because he was born with a severe cleft lip, no eyelids, no hands, and legs fused together. All of these problems were superficial. Adam had a strong heart, lungs, and brain. He needed multiple surgeries for his face and limbs. His family, however, would not be able to afford them and he would not be able to survive. That is where Raja and Jessica Paulraj stepped in. Raja was a doctor and Jessica was a nurse at the hospital where Adam was born. Jessica held Adam and knew he had to be part of their family, and they would do all they could to keep him safe and healthy. She contacted a friend in the US and found a hospital where Adam could have the surgeries he needed to close his eyes and mouth. However, even with the doctors working pro bono, the cost would be $100,000. Donors stepped up and provided the money needed for the surgery. Adam had other surgeries to fix his palate and remove cysts, and he is growing up nicely. The video below is from a time just before his palate surgery.

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