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Man Tries to Uproot Giant Tree. Keep Your Eyes on the Trunk, You Don't Want to Miss It!

In August of this year, a man located in Julian, NC seems to be trying to take down this giant tree with his medium sized Dodge truck and tiny pulling rope thing. That is not a chain by any stretch of the imagination. His wife is behind the camera giving him the go ahead, and the end result is too hilarious not to share. Now, I have to say that my father was a logger for about 5 to 10 years. I know what it takes to bring down a giant tree like this one. One needs chainsaws, spreaders, sledgehammers, and years of experience. Some of the results I expected from this video were tire spin-outs, loss of the rear end of the truck, or, if by some miracle the tree went down, a flattened vehicle and a weird sense of karma. Let's just say, I was hoping for something terribly awful when the wife said, "Ready! Pull the tree down!" Many of these types of videos that include a truck, and a giant tree come with catastrophic endings, but this one ends with a bit of a twist. The tree's fate is revealed at 26 seconds, and trust me, you will not see it coming. It brought me a lot of joy, and I hope it brings you some as well! Yep. I bet you did not see that happen. Way to keep things real people from Julian, NC. Way to keep it real! Source: Little Things