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Kiwi: 10 Health Benefits

Kiwifruit is a small, green fruit that is just as delicious as it is nutritious. In fact, the kiwi is one of the most nutritious vitamin C foods available. It only takes one kiwi to meet 275 percent of your daily vitamin C needs! Other kiwi health benefits include promoting respiratory health, aiding in prevention of eye disease, and bone maintenance and repair. Learn more by reading the list below! kiwi health benefits

Here are 10 fantastic kiwi health benefits:

1. Incredible Source of Antioxidant-Powered Vitamin C and E

Kiwi health benefits start with a high content of vitamin C and E, which are antioxidants that can fight damage from free radicals. In fact, one study showed that just two kiwifruits a day can help decrease internal oxidative damage. (1) And the vitamin E found in kiwifruit is fat-free. It helps lower cholesterol and fight free radicals, as well. Kiwi health benefits also include a good dose of immunostimulatory activity, which means it helps keep your immune system working properly. (2)

2. Counteracts Aging and Improves Skin Health

Also on the list of kiwi health benefits is the ability to improve the health of your skin. Collagen is what maintains your skin, muscle, bones, and tendons. It breaks down as you age. It’s also dependent on vitamin C, in which, as mentioned above, kiwifruit is plentiful. (3) And according to the Journal of Cellular Physiology, kiwi has a component called polysaccharides. This component is able to double collagen synthesis in the body, as compared to normal conditions when we age. (4) Moreover, kiwi contains lutein, which can protect your skin from UV light.

3. Improves Respiratory Health

Kiwi health benefits continue with the ability to promote respiratory health. Two studies examined the effect of kiwifruit on asthmatic children and adults, as well as those suffering from other respiratory conditions. Both studies found that kiwis were able to enchance the vitamin C concentration in the body, which lead to a reduction in symptoms. These symptoms included wheezing, head congestion and duration of sore throat. (5, 6)

4. Good for Vision and Prevention of Eye Disease

The lutein in kiwifruit not only protects your skin, but it also can prevent many eye diseases. This includes macular degeneration. (7) Lutein can filter out short-wavelength UV light, protecting your eyes from damage that this light can cause. Furthermore, the amount of lutein in kiwi is 171 milligrams in a large fruit, which is notably higher than several other fruits. (8) And kiwi also contains vitamin A, also known for its ability to promote eye health. (9)

5. Aids in Digestion

Due to the antioxidants and fiber in this fruit, kiwi health benefits also include the ability to treat bowel and digestive disorders. In fact, several studies indicate that kiwi helps reduce complications linked to irritable bowel syndrome as well as inflammatory bowel disease. (10, 11) kiwi health benefits

6. Improves the Cardiovascular System

Just one kiwi a day lower risk of stroke, blood clots and cardiovascular diseases. Kiwi is a heart-healthy fruit due to the potassium, fiber, and vitamin K this fruit contains. Studies, in fact, show that those who eat kiwifruit on a regular basis have 15 percent lowered triglyceride levels. This was in comparison to those who do not eat kiwis. (12, 13)

7. Bone Maintenance and Repair

Moving right along, kiwi health benefits also include a might dose of vitamin K. Your body needs vitamin K to use calcium in order to make bones. As such, you can see why a vitamin K deficiency is problematic. Studies have indicated that a diet high in vitamin K can improve bone health and reduce risk of osteoporosis-related injuries. (14)

8. Serotonin Puts Sleep Problems to Bed

Kiwi health benefits extend to issues with insomnia, too. Kiwi contains serotonin, which can increase sleep time by 13 percent and efficiency by 5 percent. Therefore, if you’re having a hard time staying asleep or getting quality sleep, try including kiwi in your diet. (15) kiwi health benefits

9. Anticancer Effects

Kiwi trees, which are in the actinidia family, have been used medicinally in China for several years to treat a variety of conditions. For example, they’ve been used to treat joint pain, bladder stones, and liver as well as esophagus cancers. And studies show kiwifruit as well as the root are effective and inhibiting growth of human liver, lung, and colon cancer cells. (16) Beign a powerful cancer-fighting food, add kiwi to your diet today.

10. Antifungal and Antibacterial Capabilities

Many studies have shown kiwifruit, both green and golden, contain antibacterial and antifungal properties. In particular, the most antibiotic activity was found in the seeds. The good news there is that kiwi seeds are easy to consume with the fruit as they are small. (17) Additionally, golden kiwi contains actinchinin, which is a protein that has antifungal abilities. (18)

Kiwifruit vs. Orange

As you can see, kiwi health benefits are many. But how does it compare to another vitamin C powerhouse, the orange? While both kiwifruit and oranges have a high vitamin C content, and both are great additions to your diet, they do have a few notable differences. For example, kiwifruit is higher in sugar. And unlike oranges, kiwi contains lutein and vitamin A, making it more suited to promote eye health. Oranges, however, have stronger capabilities to relieve pain and is a more potent anti-inflammatory food.