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Hyssop Essential Oil: 7 Health Uses

Hyssop essential oil is extracted from the leaves and flowers of the Hyssop shrub through steam distillation. In ancient times, the shrub was known as holy or sacred thanks to its many medicinal uses. Hyssop essential oil has natural astringent, stimulant, antiseptic and antispasmodic properties. It can be used to heal respiratory conditions, fight bacteria and infections, relieve muscle pain and more. (1)

Hyssop Essential Oil Health Uses

1. Fights Infections

Hyssop essential oil has antiseptic properties that work to fight infection and kill bacteria. The oil's natural antibiotic properties also work to heal cuts, scars and insect bites. When applied to the affected area, hyssop oil kills bacteria and promotes healing.

2. Increases Circulation

By increasing circulation, hyssop oil works as a natural remedy for gout, rheumatoid arthritis and swelling. Hyssop essential oil increases blood flow to relax the muscles and relieve pain and pressure that builds due to clogged arteries. (2)

3. Heals Respiratory Conditions

Hyssop essential oil has antispasmodic properties that work to relieve spasms in the respiratory system. The oil soothes illnesses such as cough and congestion by loosening phlegm and getting rid of harmful dust or irritants. (3)

4. Relieves Muscle Pain

The antispasmodic properties of hyssop oil can also help relieve muscle pain. Hyssop essential oil inhibits muscle contractions to help treat muscle aches and muscle cramps. Rubbing the oil on muscles that are sore or experiencing spasms can provide pain relief.

5. Helps Digestion

Hyssop oil is a natural stimulant. The stimulant properties of hyssop oil work to increases the productions of bile, acid and digestive enzymes, which are needed to break down food. By stimulating healthy digestion, hyssop oil can also treat gas and indigestion. (4)

6. Supports Healthy Immune Response

Hyssop essential oil naturally improves circulation and digestion while killing bacteria and parasites. The oil helps support a healthy immune system by removing harmful organisms from the body. Hyssop oil also reduces inflammation to help maintain the body's overall health.

7. Promotes Skin Health

The natural antiseptic properties of hyssop oil work to kill bacteria and fight skin infections. Hyssop oil works as a natural remedy for acne, boil, scars, stretch marks and wounds by naturally cleansing the area of bacteria.