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Are You Exciting Or Quiet? Choose a Door and See.

Art and the subconscious are something that seem to go hand-in-hand according to many a creative force out there. In fact, there are entire genres of art, such as Surrealism, that people can use to break into their own subconscious, and find out a load of things about themselves. And on that note, I've got a fun game for you. From the picture below, pick a door, any door. Don't think too hard about it — Just pick the one that stands out at you as you scan the pictures briefly. door number And now, let's see if there's any accuracy to the following predictions:

Door #1

If you chose this door, chances are your path is freeing. You're the type of person who likes to break out on your own, carve your own path and create something for yourself. Being constrained, whether it be by your job or a particular project, often results in your rebellious urges flaring up. The vast world hinted at beyond door one probably sparked your curiosity and interest.

Door #2

If door two struck your fancy, you're probably a private person. You might enjoy walks by yourself that allow you to observe and think rather than be around others. The path you crave is built for one and one only – you need time for yourself before being around others at some point. You might see the world in a unique way, even if it makes you a bit of a loner.

Door #3

Ah, the autumn colors. If you chose door number three, chances are you're a colourful person. You're very engaging and captivating – You aim to do for others as the world does for you in return. You crave new, exciting experiences, and your ideal path represents that. Life is more about the journey than the destination for you.

Door #4

Door number four is a bit mysterious, isn't it? If you chose that door, appropriately, your path is an exciting one. You're always moving forward, even if the road ahead is unknown and foreign. You'll deal with the consequences later – There's no time for fear or trepidation. You've got a path to embark on. You may even be very spontaneous, to the point of being careless.

Door #5

It's a very peaceful, almost euphoric scene. And that might represent you if you chose door number four, which leads to the welcoming path. You're likely a peace-seeking, low-maintenance person that is very content and doesn't like to be bothered. The path you enjoy most is likely clear-cut. You enjoy predictability, it helps you feel stable and welcomed.

Door #6

Your path is likely very quiet, like the dead of winter. It's not filled with sounds of birds or loud animals, it's just very still. Like the day after a big snowfall, when not even a single animal or human can be seen running about. You like to absorb the world around you without being too directly involved.>