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Popular Electronic Accessory Linked To Black Heads In Your Ears

Did you know that your earbuds or headphones could cause massive black heads to form just outside your ear canal?

We have sebaceous glands all over our skin according to one host on The Doctors. These glands are responsible for secreting oil for our skin. There are many of these types of glands on your nose which is why it is common to have black heads there. However, these glands also exist inside your ear. When you use earbuds or headphones for extended periods of time, oil can build up and begin to block these glands. When the gland is blocked it creates a massive blackhead which could potentially need attention from a doctor. The Doctors say that this massive buildup underneath the blackhead inside your ear can get infected if not treated. They told viewers that the best thing to do is to try to keep up on your personal hygiene, especially when it comes to your favorite pair of earbuds. They suggested that you pay extra attention to your ears if you wear earbuds for extended periods and to make sure that you not only wash your ears but periodically wash your earbuds as well. Your headphones and earbuds can get a buildup of sweat and bacteria of their own from being on your ears for such extended periods of time. The Doctors included a video of someone who had to get their blackhead cleaned out after an incredible amount of buildup under the blackhead in their ear appeared to cause an infection. These are the types of things that can happen when blackheads inside your ear go untreated. Make sure to give the earbuds a rest and a wash as well as keeping an eye out for any blackheads in your ear.

Watch the video of a medical professional extracting massive blackheads caused by earbuds:

Caution: This is GROSS! Sources: The Doctors