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Pick A Dream Catcher To Reveal An Interesting Part Of Your Personality!

For centuries, Native Americans have been using dream catchers as a means of preventing nightmares and ensuring only good dreams befall the user.

Dream catchers come in all shapes, sizes and designs, each of which says something about the owner. Today, let's harness the power of dream catchers and see what your favorite of the ones below has to say about your personality!

Dream catcher #1

If you chose this dream catcher, you are a trustworthy and genuine friend. You find it very easy to trust people blindly once you've gotten to know them well. In return, you expect others to trust you unconditionally as well. Sometimes your emotions can get the better of you, especially when something disrupts your routine.

Dream catcher #2

A preference for this dream catcher signifies innocence and purity. You strongly dislike harboring hate in your life and much prefer focusing on things and people you love. When things go wrong, you tend to isolate yourself due to your affinity for harmony and perfection.

Dream catcher #3

You are an optimistic extrovert. You find it very easy to accept people without judging them too deeply. At the same time, you fear judgement from others and spend way too much time planning your decisions with this in mind.

Dream catcher #4

You are very supportive, sensitive and compassionate and always put others first. As a result of your sensitivity, however, others' words and actions tend to hurt you more than they probably should.

Dream catcher #5

Lastly, if you chose dream catcher #5, you are independent, stubborn and detached. Once you've made up your mind about something, no amount of cajoling from loved ones can change your mind. On the good side, this helps you float above negativity and naysayers. On the negative side, you tend to intimidate others and brush off good advice that comes your way.