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Has a Deceased Loved One Ever Visited You in a Dream? Here are the Signs!

If you have had a visit from a deceased loved one, you are not alone. Visitation dreams, dreams where a person is visited by a loved one who has passed away, an angel, or a spirit guide, are extremely common and very enlightening.

Why do deceased loved ones visit us in our dreams? Ask Angels states:

“A visitation dream is not a creation from your subconscious mind… Visitation dreams are when a non physical being communicates with you while you are sleeping. There are many reasons why they communicate while you’re sleeping rather than awake… The main one is that your ego mind doesn’t block the communication, and so it is much easier for your loved one to get past the filters of your mind which are always working on some level to keep you focused in the physical, and as a result block out activity from the spiritual realms. Dreams of dead loved ones are the most common type of visitation dreams, though I have also had visitation dreams from angels and spirit guides, which means you can too.” Visitation dreams are real, but how do you know you have had one? In the video below, psychic medium Lauri Moore explains visitation dreams and how to tell you have experienced one. She also talks about some of the messages a loved one, angel, or spirit guide may want to share.

Check it out below!

Have you had a visitation dream from a deceased loved one?

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