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This Color Test Will Reveal Whether You're An Introvert, Shy, Or Just Hate People

On the surface, introversion, shyness and the plain loathing of people all look quite similar. Individuals in all three categories are equally unlikely to show up at a house party or join the glee club. But once you start looking deeply at each category, you realize they're actually verydifferent from one another. The term 'shyness' describes awkwardness and apprehension around people. Unlike introverts, shy people don't want to be alone. In fact, more often than not they'd love to connect with people but can't get over the anxiety that comes up when they try to do so. Misanthropy, on the other hand, is the distrust and hatred of humanity. Misanthropes are often genuinely afraid that people are out to get them. Like introverts, they feel calm and energized when alone – but for an entirely different reason; they feel being alone is the only way to be safe. And then, of course, we have introversion – a trait characterized by a preference for 'me time.' Which one best suits you? Here's a fun quiz that'll help you answer that question. Don't worry, there are no intense personal questions here; this test will be tapping into your subconscious to look at your color preference as it relates to your social traits. Ready? Let's go!

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