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Five Facts About the Unique Relationship Between Coffee and Poop

It has been said that a smile means the same thing in every language. Something else that means the same thing in every language: coffee. Coffee drinkers worldwide can agree that the smell of a freshly brewed pot of coffee in the morning awakens the senses, and that first hot sip tastes like a brand new day. It has been proven that the caffeine in coffee stimulates the brain, but there's also something in that cup of joe that gets things moving at the other end of the body. Some coffee drinkers know it all too well — coffee makes you poop. Here're a few fun facts on the friendship between coffee and poop for curious minds. coffee and poop Source Everyone metabolizes caffeine at different speeds, so if you do not find yourself in the bathroom after a few sips, that is why. Some coffee drinkers will have an immediate reaction while others may be almost immune to coffee's laxative effects. While we really don't know the exact reason why coffee and poop are friends, if you are part of that exclusive 29% and find yourself moved by your morning coffee, relax and enjoy the friendship! Seriously! Enjoy it! (h/t: 9gag)