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Coconut Butter Benefits: 9 Amazing Uses

Coconut butter comes from coconut meat, and boasts the same health benefits as coconut oil. It's packed with healthy fats and nutrients that aid in weight loss and boost the immune system. Coconut butter benefits include the ability to prevent disease, ward off viruses and provide the body with a healthy source of energy.

Coconut Butter Benefits

1. Aids in Weight Loss

Coconut butter benefits the body by aiding in weight loss. It's packed with healthy fats called medium-chain fatty acids. The body burns medium-chain fatty acids for energy. While coconut butter should be used in moderation, it can help increase the metabolism to burn more calories and provide the body with energy. (1)

2. Boosts Immunity

Coconut butter benefits include the ability to boost the immune system. It contains lauric acid, a 12 carbon medium-chain fatty acid. Research has shown that next to a mother's milk for a newborn, coconut is the second best way to strengthen the immune system.

3. Fights Off Viruses

Thanks to its powerful antibacterial properties, coconut butter benefits include the ability to help ward off viruses. The lauric acid in coconut butter works to treat viral infections, including the common cold, the flu, cold sores and more. It can also help bronchitis and yeast infections, such as candida. Coconut Butter Benefits

4. Helps Prevent Disease

Coconut butter's antibacterial properties work to prevent disease. The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut butter benefit the body by reducing inflammation to help prevent and treat diseases like diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, gallbladder disease and Crohn's disease. (2)

5. Gives Athlete's a Performance Boost

Coconut butter provides a natural energy boost for athletes and those who exercise on a regular basis. The body rapidly absorbs medium-chain triglycerides to provide energy and naturally burn fat.

6. Contains Beneficial Fiber

Coconut butter benefits the body as a high-fiber food. It works to help control blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol. The fiber in coconut butter also aids in digestion, to keep bowel movements healthy and regular. Coconut Butter Benefits

7. Makes Hair Shiny

Coconut butter benefits include healthy, shiny hair. It moisturizes the hair to prevent dandruff and dryness. Coconut butter works as a natural hair mask or as a conditioner. It's easily absorbed by the hair to reduce damage and promote healthy, gorgeous locks. (3)

8. Provides Iron

The iron in coconut butter can help fight an iron deficiency. Coconut butter benefits the body by reducing the risk of anemia, which can cause fatigue, nausea, cramps dizziness, insomnia and other unwanted symptoms.

9. Softens Skin

Coconut butter benefits the skin as a natural exfoliate. It can help add moisture to the skin while getting rid of dead skin cells to promote a soft, smooth look and feel. Coconut butter is often added to lotions for its natural moisturizing abilities.