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10 Brilliant Ways to Use Coca-Cola Around the House (Great For Home Not For Health!)

Coca-Cola is one of the most recognized brand names in the world. We've watched the commercials, heard the jingles, and we've seen the logo over and over (and over) again. Whether or not you drink it is beside the point for the purpose of this article. What you may not know is that Coca-Cola can be pretty useful around the house. On the pH scale, 0 to 7 is considered acidic, while 7 to 14 is considered alkaline. The pH level of battery acid is 1 while pure water has a pH of 7 on the scale. Coke has a pH level of 2.5, making it extremely acidic and useful as a household cleaner! Don't believe me? Here are 10 ways to put it to the test:

Rust Be Gone

Coke is great for removing rust! Just dip a sponge, a piece of fabric, or even aluminum foil into the soda, then apply and watch as your rusty surface turns shiny and new.

Dish Washer

Did you leave some food on the stove a little too long last time you were cooking? Burnt pans can be tricky to clean, but Coke does the trick! Soak the pan in some Coca-Cola to remove the old cooking stains.

Oil Stain Pro

Have a problem with oil stains on your garage floor? That is not an issue for Coca-Cola. Simply soak the stain, then hose it off. You'll notice effects right off the bat but you may need to repeat for complete removal.

Engine Cleaner

Clean your engine with a bottle of Coke! Rumor has it that Coca-Cola distributors have been using this trick for years to clean the dirt and grime from their trucks!

Coin Reviver

Make old pennies shine like new by soaking them in Coke to remove the tarnish.

Window Spray

The acidity in Coca-Cola allows it to work just like those citrus-based window cleaners. It will leave them streak-free!

Toilet Wizard

Out of toilet bowl cleaner? No worries. Pour some Coca-Cola in and let it sit for a while and do its thing, then flush. You'll have a toilet that's clean and guest-ready.

Blood Stain Fighter

Blood stains are a pain to get out of clothing. However, Coke will do the trick!

Paint Remover

Maybe you are doing a little DIY project, or maybe a few drops of paint ended up where they were not supposed to. To strip the paint off some metal furniture, soak a towel in the bubbly drink, lay it directly on top of the paint surface and prepare to be amazed!

Grease Stain Genius

Grease might actually be the worst kind of stain to clean. You'll never have to throw out your ruined clothes again if you apply a little bit of Coke and let it work its magic. If you have some of the fizzy stuff lying around, give it a shot! You might even be able to save money on some expensive household cleaners. Check out a few more Coca-Cola life hacks in the video below: