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Calamus Essential Oil: 10 Uses & Benefits

Calamus essential oil, while beneficial if used correctly, comes with a warning. It has narcotic effects and can cause convulsions and hallucinations if taken in high doses. Therefore, oral ingestion of this product should be avoided unless under the supervision of qualified health practitioner. Additionally, pregnant women should never use Calamus oil. However, if used in a consistently safe manner, Calamus oil may prove to be useful in afflictions dealing with, primarily, the nervous system. For other medicinal uses of Calamus oil, read below.

Also called Acorus calamus or sweet flag, Calamus essential oil has a variety of uses. (1) Here are 10:

1. Anti-Rheumatic & Anti-Arthritic

Calamus essential oil is good for stimulating the nerves and promoting blood circulation. It’s also anti-inflammatory, and so can help relieve pain and swelling associated with such afflictions as rheumatoid arthritis, and gout. (2)

2. Anti-Spasmodic

In addition to its pain-relieving capabilities, Calamus oil is known for being anti-spasmodic. It works on any type of spasm, but in particular is effective on nervous spasms. Be sure to administer in only small doses. (3)

3. Antibiotic

Calamus essential oil, due to its toxicity, does not permit biotic growth. Therefore, it can be used as an antibiotic, both externally and internally.

4. Cephalic

Calamus essential oil memory boost In small doses, to avoid potential risk of harmful effects, Calamus essential oil may be used to refresh the mind. Referred to as the ideal herb for meditation and introspection, Calamus is recommended by yogis and Ayurvedic phiosphers for enhancing the functions of the brain. Calamus oil activates neural pathways, and as such, is also useful in treating neurotic disorders. (4)

5. Circulatory

As Calamus essential is a stimulant, it can help improve blood circulation as well as help shuttle nutrients and oxygen to the body. This circulation can also boost metabolism. (5)

6. Memory Boosting

Calamus essential oil brain health Calamus essential oil also has memory-boosting capabilities that stem from its clarifying effects on the brain. That being the case, it may be helpful to those who have undergone memory loss due to aging, trauma, or disease.

7. Nervine

Many of the benefits that Calamus essential oil offers center around the brain and nervous system. As such, this oil helps maintain the nervous system. It can reduce epileptic episodes, hysteria attacks, and other afflictions associated with the nervous system.

8. Stimulant

Another neural benefit Calamus oil offers is how it works as a stimulant for the nerves and neurons. It can stimulate certain discharges, such as hormones and blood circulation, as well as other body functions.

9. Tranquilizing

Calamus essential oil sleep Be mindful of the dosing (keep it low!), but Calamus essential oil can help induce sleep. This is great for those who suffer from insomnia or have trouble sleeping in general. Calamus works as a tranquilizer, relaxing the body and mind for restful sleep. (6)

10. Treats Pain

With its tranquil effects, Calamus oil can reduce feelings of pain. Furthermore, as it can make blood vessels contract, it is helpful in treating neuralgia. (7)


Remember, Calamus oil, while beneficial, contains a compound called asoreone, which is considered carcinogenic and toxic. This oil has narcotic effects and can cause convulsions and hallucinations if taken in high doses. In fact, with oral ingestion, it may cause prolonged severe convulsions as well as tumors. You should only ingest this orally under the strict supervision of a health care provider. Do not use Calamus oil if you are pregnant.