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Burn Thigh Fat Fast With THESE 3 Simple Steps!

Do you feel like you're carrying a bit of extra weight around your thighs? If so, I've got plenty of good news for you today! The first point is that it's totally normal. For most of human history, having extra fat stored was actually helpful – particularly for women of child-bearing age. The thighs became a natural place for this fat to be stored. Fast forward to the 21st Century and this process is, well, not so helpful. Our diet differs drastically from that of our ancestors. Today, it's not hard for body fat storage to get out of control – and with extra thigh fat, of course, comes cellulite. Ready for the second piece of good news? Fighting thigh fat is far from impossible. Matter-of-fact, follow these three steps and you'll be well on your way towards slimmer, healthier thighs!

#1 – Fix Your Diet

shutterstock_335916848 This might not seem like a thigh-centered change but it will help your body deal with fat better overall, making focused thigh exercises more effective. First of all, ditch inflammatory foods. Fried foods, processed junk, soda and hydrogenated vegetable oil? They all produce cytokines that increase your likelihood of obesity. Regularly eat healthy snacks like almonds or an apple. This will prevent you from getting so hungry that you overeat at mealtime. Also make sure you drink plenty of water – this will help fat pass through your body faster. Eat roughly 25 grams of fiber per day, as this can boost the amount of fat your body burns by as much as 30%.

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#2 – Make Good Choices

Did you know that a 10 minute stair climb burns 102 calories? Not feeling up to the full 10 minutes? Well, just two minutes of stair climbing per day can stop middle age weight gain. An elevator can't boast thatclaim, now can it? Of course, stair climbing also engages your thigh muscles, making them more powerful and toned with time. Do you take public transit? Get in the habit of standing instead of sitting; your thighs will burn significantly more fat that way, especially as you work to maintain your balance through turns. These are just two examples of good choices that'll help slim those thighs down.

#3 – Dedicated Exercises

Do you like frogs? Well, with this first exercise I'm about to recommend, you can be just like one! Trainer Sara Haley calls this the 'around-the-room froggy.'
Image: Image:
Stand with your feet set wide apart. Keep your toes and knees pointed out and hang your hands towards to floor. Then, squat down as low as possible. Make sure you keep your chest lifted and your knees over your toes. Next, jump and rotate your body a quarter turn to the right. Return to a squatting position and repeat until you've turned in a full circle. Do as many circles as possible until your thighs say 'no more!' The second exercise is called 'inner-thigh circles.'
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This one comes from trainer Elizabeth Ordway. Lie on your right side and support your head with your bottom arm. Then, bend your top leg and place it in front of your bottom leg. Hold onto your ankle to support it with your top hand. Extend your bottom leg and point your foot until it is parallel to your body. Then, trace a large circle with that foot. Use slow, controlled motions for best results. Trace 20 circles then switch sides. The third and final exercise is the scissor legs plank.
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Trainer Kim Truman says this workout has the added bonus of engaging your arms, chest, core and glutes. Your thighs are definitely the star of the show here, though. This exercise will work best on a smooth surface like tile or hardwood. Get into a plank position and place each foot on a towel. Support your upper body with your arms and slide your feet as widely apart as possible. Then, use your thighs to squeeze them back together. Do this as much as you can for a max of 15 reps.

Want to learn more awesome thigh fat burning exercises? Have a look at this video from Cassy Ho of Blogilates! Sources: