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6 Reasons Why Breathing Space Is Important In A Relationship

Being in a relationship is great, but we all need our breathing space. Read below to find out if your relationship is missing this key element

Relationships take a lot of effort, they consist of compromises and disagreements. However one thing that all couples should include into their relationship is breathing space and taking personal time for each other. Giving each other breathing space will give you each time to focus on yourselves, and it will actually make the relationship stronger as well. Read these 6 reasons below to find out why breathing space is important in a relationship.

1) Gives you much needed alone time

We all need to take a minute to ourselves now and then. By having breathing space away from your partner you are able to focus on your own needs and give yourself that much needed alone time to accomplish whatever you need, no interruptions! Giving each other this alone time allows you to spend the day however you choose, from a day at the spa or a relaxing walk on the beach, put your needs first.

2) Allows you to see importance in relationship

Often, when you spend too much time with a person you take them for granted or you don't realize how much they mean to you. When you have breathing space to yourself you're able to reflect on your relationship and realize how important your significant other is. Being separated for a little amount of breathing space may even make you miss your partner as well.

3) Share each others day

Breathing space allows you to take time away from each other, this means that when you meet back up for some time together you can share each others time away from one another. By being able to share what events and activities you participated in and how you spent the day away from each other, it builds trust. Sharing each others day gives you something to talk about as well as increases communication with each other.

4) Respect each other

Taking breathing space for each other allows you to respect each other. Relationships are built on trust and respect and by letting each other take breathing space when it is most needed, it shows how much you respect each other and how much respect you have for the relationship. By giving each other breathing space when needed, it allows your partner to focus on their self-needs.

5) Increases confidence in each other

By giving each other breathing space when needed, it allows your partner to come to you whenever they have issues because they know you understand their needs. Giving breathing space to each other increases confidence in each other because you know the bond you have is unbreakable and allows you to see how much you really love each other. Giving breathing space helps build confidence and limits jealously.

6) Relationship growth

Being honest and asking for breathing space when you most need it can be a difficult task at first, however by regularly implementing breathing space in your relationship you will see it grow without even trying. Breathing space allows trust and patience with each other and it allows you to see how important the relationship is and how important your partner is.