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Is Your Brain Ruled By Emotions Or Logic? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

There are, more or less, two types of decision makers in this world; people who make decisions based on emotion and people who make decisions based on logic. In all honesty, both types of decision making have their positives and negatives. People who make decisions based on logic seem to make the best decisions for themselves or a situation. Many people believe this is the best way to make a decision, but others would argue that logic based thinking lacks the emotion element needed to really relate to others. Emotion based decisions, on the other hand, are not entirely the best as well. Sure, those who argue based on emotion are easier to relate too, but emotions are easily swayed with a few choice words. Emotion is one of the easiest ways to control a person or a group of people.

So, is your brain ruled by emotions, logic, or a mix a both? Take this short quiz to find out!

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