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Bentonite Clay: 10 Benefits & How To Use It!

Bentonite clay is excellent for detoxing heavy metals from your body. It also provides a wealth of other benefits. Bentonite clay, also known as Montmorillonite clay, is composed of ash made from volcanoes. In some cultures, bentonite clay is referred to as "healing clay," thanks to its natural ability to cleanse the body. Bentonite clay benefits the detox process by drawing out harmful toxins from the body. But how does this work, exactly? Think of bentonite clay as similar to chia seeds. When you combine chia seeds with milk or water, they swell and soak up the liquid around them. Bentonite clay works in a similar way. It contains calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, potassium and other nutrients that help provide a natural heavy metal detox.

Bentonite Clay Benefits

1. Helps Heal Poison Ivy and Dermatitis

Bentonite clay benefits include the ability to cleanse the skin externally. The clay can be combined with water and left to dry on the skin. Bentonite clay works by binding to bacteria and other toxins on the skin to help reduce blemishes, calm skin infections and help heal poison ivy. (1) You can also add it to your children's baths. This is an excellent way to help their little bodies detox when there is an illness going around at school or at home. Furthermore, kids love to play with the clay in the water! They will have fun slathering it on their faces and arms. It's just like a mud bath! You can also use bentonite clay as a cleansing facial mask. Smear it on your face like you would any other mask, wait for it to try, then rinse. Repeat this process twice a week.

2. Supports Healthy Digestion

Bentonite clay supports healthy digestion by removing toxins from the body that can cause digestive distress. It binds to toxins in the body and works to neutralize harmful bacteria in the gut. Bentonite clay can help relieve constipation and rid the body of toxins that contribute to leaky gut. Be sure to drink plenty of additional water if you plan on drinking bentonite clay. Try adding it to a jar of water that has a lid, so you can shake it properly and help it thoroughly dissolve.

3. May Promote Weight Loss

Bentonite clay benefits may include the ability to promote weight loss. Studies have shown that bentonite clay, along with other alkaline foods, can help improve cholesterol levels. Research has also linked bentonite clay supplements with weight loss. (2) bentonite clay benefits

4. Helps With Thyroid Function

Bentonite clay benefits include the ability to fight hyperthyroidism. The clay helps absorb certain thyroid hormones to alleviate problems associated with an overactive thyroid.

5. Stops Growth of Two Cancer Cell Lines

According to a 2016 study, bentonite clay benefits include the ability to stop the growth of colorectal cancer cell lines. Researchers found that the clay placed a large amount of oxidative stress on the cancer cells, without damaging the DNA. (3)

6. Boosts Immunity

Bentonite clay benefits include the ability to boost the immune system. It helps destroy harmful bacteria while protecting the gut wall. Bentonite clay helps decrease the amount of pesticides, toxins, bacteria and chemicals that could enter the blood from food and environmental toxins.

7. May Support Respiratory Health

Research has shown that bentonite clay has powerful protective properties against adenoviruses. Adenoviruses are responsible for the common cold, bronchitis, pneumonia, fever, pink eye and other common illnesses. (4) bentonite clay benefits

8. Improves the Health of Teeth and Gums

Bentonite clay benefits include improved oral health. The clay binds to toxins in the mouth, around the teeth and on the tongue and gums. It helps remove the toxins from the body before they have the chance to make you sick. Try mixing bentonite clay with essential oils to make your own powerfully cleansing toothpaste. Mix together in a lidded jar 1/3 cup of bentonite clay, 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of Stevia powder, 1/4 teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt, 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, and 10 drops of your choice of essential oils. For example, you might try peppermint, lime, clove or cinnamon. You can also mix the clay with water and use it as a cleansing rinse for your mouth.

9. Removes Fluoride From Drinking Water

Unfortunately, many cities and towns add fluoride to their drinking water. However, bentonite clay benefits include the ability to remove fluoride from drinking water, working not unlike a filter. When combined with magnesium in particular, this ability intensifies. As such, there is a good chance bentonite clay, in conjunction with magnesium, may be used in the future as a viable water treatment method. Fluoride has been linked to serious health problems, including diabetes, thyroid dysfunction and even brain damage. (5)

10. Works as a Baby Powder Alternative

Bentonite clay benefits the skin by soothing areas that are red and irritated. It can be used as a gentle alternative to baby powder to help soothe and cleanse irritated skin. Many parents swear by bentonite clay, and prefer it over traditional baby powder or similar methods.

How To Use Bentonite Clay

  • Internally: Drink 1/2-1 teaspoon once a day. Mix the clay with water in a jar with a lid. Shake the clay so it dissolves, then drink.
  • Externally: Add 1/4 cup of clay to your bath and massage the clay into your skin. You can also gargle with bentonite clay then spit and rinse. For scrapes or bug bites, apply bentonite clay directly to the affected area then cover it. Let it sit for about two hours, then rinse.

Some Things to Note

Bentonite clay should be a gray or cream color. If it's white, it's an indication that it has gone bad. Furthermore, it should be odorless and not have much of a notable taste.

Precautions Regarding Bentonite Clay

There are some bentonite clay products that contains traces amounts of lead as well as other heavy metals. As such, it is likely not appropriate for children or pregnant women to consume. You should never consume bentonite clay in large quantities, due to the manner in which it expands inside your body. Too much of it could lead to complications such as the disruption of nutrient absorption in the body. Furthermore, there may be a risk involved with the development of dangerously low potassium levels when taking large amounts of bentonite clay.