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This Doctor Reveals An Amazing Way To Calm Down A Crying Baby. Parents Are Stunned!

A crying baby is probably one of the hardest things for any new or seasoned parent to deal with. The baby is fed, changed, burped, but still yelling at the top of its lungs for no known reason! Forget having a conversation or trying to get stuff done. Getting the baby to stop crying will take precedence until peace is maintained. Dr. Robert Hamilton has stepped in with this amazing method to get a baby to stop crying. He has been practicing pediatrics for over 30 years and uses this technique to keep babies calm while talking to parents. Babies cry when they are cold, uncomfortable, in a new place, or for any other reason under the sun. This method calms most! Dr. Hamilton states that the technique is best for babies 0 to 3 months. After that, they are a bit heavy to hold in the position safely. All one needs to do is secure the arms and hands to the baby’s chest with one hand and place the other hand under the baby’s bottom. Hold the child at a 45-degree angle and rock smoothly. They also find it enjoyable when one wiggles their bottom a bit. Take a look at the video to learn how to perform this amazing baby calming method! Source: Wimp