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Attract Positive Energy With THIS Simple Meditation!

Most of us instinctively know that negative thinking leads to negative outcomes, whether financial, social, or physical. But why is that? Well, when broken down, everything within us, around us, is just energy. So can we attract positive energy with positive thinking? Why not? All energy carries a vibrational frequency, so similar energies become attracted to each other. In fact, when has a negative mind-set towards life brought us a positive result?! We may not be quantum physicists, but we see this on a very basic level. So if negative thinking manifests negative outcomes, can a positive approach to our thoughts attract positive outcomes to our life? Of course. My transformation away from a very toxic lifestyle was kick started by believing in the powers of the universe. The flow of energy has the following journey:


While the movie The Secret is hugely entertaining and engaging, I feel it does very little on the actual process. You have to dig out the process through the entire film and re-watch it over and over again to get the whole process. However, I break down the process into easy to understand steps anyone can follow.

Here's the process to attract positive energy:

Step #1: Find A Comfortable Seat

Finding length in your spine, close your eyes and focus on the inhalation and exhalation of breath through your nose. Observe the breath as you begin to let go of life and all ‘doing’ thinking. Simply be in the moment, sitting still, enjoying doing nothing and watching the breath maybe for the first time today. Start to slow your breath down. You may want to inhale for a count of 3-4 and exhale for 4-5 (exhaling longer helps calms the body and mind). You may want to watch your belly rise on the inhale and fall on the exhale as you encourage a deeper breath away from your usual shallow breath.

Step #2: Press The Center Of Your Forehead

This region is also known as your third eye. With your index finger, press firmly for a few seconds then release and drop your hand down.

Step #3: Visualize An Eye At The Center Of Your Forehead

Envision the eye beginning to open. Or, you could imagine curtain on a stage which begin to draw apart or shutters starting to open. As they begin to open, you see yourself, staring down an empty path. You are still. This is your path towards your goals and dreams.

Step #4: Envision Success

Be as creative as possible. Make it as real as possible. See the colors, hear the noises and bring smells into the scene you are setting. Try and feel that this is happening to you RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

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Step #5: Follow With An Affirmation

Typical affirmations begin with "I am…" (e.g., I am free from suffering. I am debt free. I am a world class business owner). Other affirmations which worked for me include ‘I have… I attract…’ The affirmation should be a present statement, not a future intention. Create the illusion you have already achieved your goal. The universe doesn’t respond to ‘I might be..’ ‘I will be…’ Say your affirmation 5-10 times and do it with feeling and emotion. Mean it, feel it, believe it!

Step #6: Return to Your Visualization

Bring an emotion into your body (ie: joy). An emotion is a change in the body in some form. What emotion do you feel as a result of your goal/dream being realized? Stay with it for however long feels good for you.

Step #7: Attach Positive Energy/Feeling

A feeling is a change in your mental state, (i.e., happiness) – how you do feel knowing you have reached your goal and your life has changed for the better!? Go with it, and enjoy the feeling. This feeling creates your vibration and is the gateway to attracting whatever it is into your life.

Step #8: Close The Visualization With Gratitude

List at least 5 things you are grateful for that is associated with your goal directly or indirectly. Gratitude sets you in a positive energy flow, and being in that state of gratitude will help attract positive energy.

Step #9: Return To Your Breath

When you feel ready, open your eyes and take a moment to feel any changes in the body, in the mind, following your exercise in raising your vibrations. This practice may take anywhere from 5-15 minutes. The deeper you go into it, the more you practice, the greater the prospect of your desired outcomes owing to the greater the strength of the frequency you manifest. How long does it take to attract positive energy? You may see quick results, or it may take a little longer. But stick with it and look for the signs, the synchronicities, the ‘co-incidences’ that suddenly start to appear. This is a sign the universe is starting to work for you. As the Buddha once said, "thoughts become things." If you can dream it, you can achieve it! Article By Gillian B & Mark Davies

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