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This Animal Quiz Reveals Your True Personality & How Others View You

This simple animal test might seem silly, but it turns out to be pretty accurate! Follow the instructions to reveal some interesting facts about yourself and find out how others view you. Ready to get started?


1. Grab a sheet of paper and a pencil. 2. Write down three animal names in the following order: (a) Your favorite animal. (b)An animal you'd like to have as a pet. (c)Your second favorite animal (either domesticated or wild). 3. Write down characteristics that correspond to each animal. 4. Check your results! (a)The third animal reflects how you see yourself. (b)The second animal shows how other people see you. (c)The first animal describes who you truly are.

Check Your Results

Cat: A cat represents an independent, sexy free-thinker. You have a tendency to be a demanding leader. Bear: A bear represents a protective and quiet dreamer. You are also a deep thinker. Monkey: A monkey represents a confident, cheerful and funny personality. You are practical but skillful and versatile. Dog: A dog represents a loyal, humble and brave keeper. You are protective, friendly and submissive at times. Mouse: A mouse represents a hardworking and reliable personality. You are modest, shy and simple. Rabbit: A rabbit represents a humble yet cunning and quick personality. You have a tendency to get nervous and fall silent. Raccoon: A raccoon represents and agile and responsible personality. You can be suspicious and nocturnal at times, but also intelligent. Elephant: An elephant represents a self-assured, peaceful and protective personality. You have a tendency to be stubborn but you always persevere. Lion: A lion represents a strong, patient and protective personality. You are self-confident, calm and you value family. Fox: A fox represents an agile, organized thinker. You have the ability to be cunning when you want to be. Rooster:A rooster represents a talented, creative personality. You are playful, artistic and at times eccentric. Pig: A pig represents a generous, trustful and honest personality. You are fair, tolerant and friendly. Cow: A cow represents an adventurous, curious and sociable spirit. You are kind, calm and protective. Zebra: A zebra represents a loyal, intelligent and committed personality. You are a persistent, free idealist. Tiger: A tiger represents a powerful, elegant and authoritative figure. You are active, unpredictable and solitary at times. Deer: A deer represents a gentle and compassionate soul. You are simple yet agile, and you value family. Sheep: A sheep represents an indecisive yet friendly personality. You are obedient, conservative, quiet and hardworking. Panda: A panda represents a loving, caring, playful dreamer. You are also incredibly self-sufficient. Penguin: A penguin represents a simple, gentle and open soul. You are also skillful and enigmatic. Owl:An owl represents an intuitive, mysterious and free spirit. You are observant, serene and spiritual. Giraffe: A giraffe represents a self-confident, charming and elegant personality. You are can also be shy at times. Hedgehog:A hedgehog represents a cunning and sarcastic personality. You are also an activist, an opportunist and an individualist. Whale: A whale represents a quiet yet friendly and reliable personality. You are organized, honest and you make a great friend. Turtle: A turtle represents a protector. You are patient yet stubborn, peaceful yet slightly narrow-minded. Duck:A duck represents a hardworking yet playful personality. You are a little noisy, but you value family. Horse: A horse represents a noble, loyal and strong free spirit. You are powerful yet submissive at times. Bird: A bird represents a cheerful, positive free spirit. You are simple and full of inner beauty. Other:If your animal is not in the list above, that means you are a unique person. It is hard for others to define you. Bright Side