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Pick An Alchemical Symbol To See What Your Spirit Longs For

Alchemy is a millennia-old philosophical and early scientific tradition primarily concerned with turning chemicals, symbols and substances of little value into something with much value.

The concept of Alchemy has fascinated people everywhere from Mesopotamia, Egypt, Persia and India to Greece and Rome. It remains popular today, with historians and mystics alike finding alchemy alluring and revealing in a practical sense. On that last note, today we'll take a look at alchemy symbols and how they can hint at the desires of your spirit that may not be so clear on the surface. To start, take a look at the symbols below and pick the one you're attracted to. Don't think too long or hard about it; just go with the symbol that catches your eye first.

What Your Choice Says About Your Spirit's Desires

#1 – The Lion

If you chose this symbol, your spirit likely longs to escape the responsibilities and pressures of the life you've created for yourself. You may have worked very hard to build said life but your inclination towards the lion – which symbolizes dominance – suggests you need a shift in focus. Try cutting out things that burden your life most and ask yourself what you'd change if you had a second chance. It may feel risky at first but in no time you'll be thanking yourself for putting in the effort.

#2 – The Hourglass

The hourglass, of course, symbolizes time. If you feel inclined towards it, you likely feel trapped in the past – perhaps due to a bad experience. Thus, your life has turned into little more than watching the grains of time fall away from you. Get out of this loop by vowing to make each and every day the best it can be. Figure out what decisions you made that led to your regrets of the past and resolve to make better choices going forward.

#3 – The Moon

The moon symbolizes deeply-hidden emotions. If this symbol caught you attention, there are feelings inside you that won't let you sleep. It could be feelings of anger or feelings of passion. Whatever it is, it's time to meditate and bring those feelings to your conscious mind. This will help you determine exactly what you ought to do about said feelings.

#4 – The Keys

In alchemy, the key is associated with one's path in life. As such, if you chose this symbol, your spirit is longing for answers. You need to take time to figure out where you're going and what you're searching for in life. It's no longer enough for you to cruise through live on autopilot. You need to actively take control of your life and find out what moves will excite you and restore life's fun.

#5 – The Hamsa Hand

In alchemy, the Hamsa Hand serves to remind us of the fact that freedom lies in our own hands. If you chose this symbol, you may feel as though external forces have you trapped. Now is a good time to really take a look at your circumstances and figure out how your actions and beliefs have contributed to them. Yes, there will be things in your life that are out of your control. But freedom is a state of mind. Accepting this will put you on the track towards re-establishing control and a sense of responsibility in your life.