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From Africa With Love: Mondia Whitei - The Herb of Manhood

No matter where you look or when, humans have always sought out pleasure. When we ask, "Is it the best ever?" we always want the answer to be "Yes!" Historically, cultures across the globe cherished certain herbs for enhancing pleasure, especially in the bedroom. And in Western Africa this native herb answers the call. In fact, Mondia Whitei is an effective booster for restoring "manhood" – a natural Viagra®, if you will.

What is Mondia Whitei?

While it's native to West, East, and Southern Africa, different countries and cultures have their own name for this common herb. And they all use it widely for various ailments. In Uganda, they call it Mulondo, in Kenya it's Mukombero, and in Zimbabwe they use the word Mungurauwe. But more common names are White’s Ginger or Tonic root. (1)
mondia whitei white ginger Image: Mondia Whitei - "white ginger" - South African National Biodiversity Institute
Mondia Whitei grows a large tuberous rootstock that gives off a vanilla-like aroma. It can be bitter to taste at first but then leaves a sweet aftertaste of something like ginger or licorice. (2) And even though the root is a creamy white, it is actually a Mondia variety discovered by South African farmer A.S. White. Hence, White's ginger. (3) Unfortunately, it is so popular in Africa that it is now listed as endangered.

Traditional Uses

Historically, Mondia Whitei has been used to combat anorexia, stress, fever, constipation, malaria, worms, asthma, heart disease aches and pains, poor appetite, and skin diseases. (4) It has also proven to demonstrate antidepressant activities. (5) But this African aphrodisiac is especially known for its work on various kinds of sexual dysfunctions.

Effective Aphrodisiac

Many men have found that this herb specifically addresses issues that drugs such as Viagra® supposedly help with. These include erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low sperm count, difficulty maintaining an erection during intercourse, and even to enlarge the girth and length of the male organ. According to research, these androgenic effects are thanks largely to its ability to increase production of nitric oxide and cGMP levels in the penile tissue. (6) However, unlike Viagra®, there are no adverse side effects that go along with the intake of this botanical. And its effects continue even after long-term usage. It is also an effective testosterone booster, which can aid in men’s overall mental and physical health. (7)

Nutritional Profile

Mondia Whitei boasts an excellent nutrient profile. It's loaded with antioxidants and nutrients responsible for metabolic activities that are needed for powerful stimulation. For instance, it is a concentrated source of the mineral zinc which is needed not only for sperm motility and production but also the testosterone to maintain a healthy erection. (8) It is also rich in fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, as well as the minerals magnesium, iron and calcium. A scientific review stated that the nutrient storehouse of this herb is so potent that it “M. whitei can easily serve as essential mineral and vitamin supplements.” (9) Should you choose to try this herb, you just may find it will help you in more ways than one. In fact, it may end up making more than just you happy. Research confirms it. The African claims are true: this herbal Viagra® works. But to take a twist on a common saying, "you have to experience it to believe it."
Options for Enhancing Performance
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