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9 Signs You've Found The Perfect Spouse

How do you know when you've found "the one?" Being in love with someone doesn't necessarily mean they'd make the best life partner. There are certain signs that can give you a glimpse into married life and help you recognize when you've found an ideal spouse.

Here are nine signs you've found the perfect spouse:

1. He Is Always Supportive

Everyone makes mistakes. If your partner is willing to stand by you no matter what, you've found a keeper. Even if you're wrong, he should be able to show support instead of blame. If he's the one, he won't criticize you or kick you when you're down. He'll know that showing love and support is important, especially during tough times.

2. He Pays Attention To Detail

If your guy pays attention to detail, it means he really, truly cares. While he might not remember what you were wearing the day you two met, he might know your favorite color, your go-to comfort food or your favorite type of flowers. If he takes note of the things that matter to you, he might be the one.

3. He Can Make Dinner On His Own

This might not sound like a big deal, but you aren't going to want to make dinner every single night. Your guy doesn't have to be a master chef, but being able to throw a few things together and make dinner on his own will come in handy. Especially when you've had a long day!

4. He Is Wise

While having a partner with a high IQ might come in handy if you're trying to understand your physics homework, a partner who is wise might be more important. If your man is able to give you good advice when you need it and keep a clear head when unexpected problems arise, he's someone you'll want to keep around.

5. He Knows How To Cheer You Up

Your ideal husband should know how to cheer you up when you're feeling down. Whether he makes funny jokes, throws your favorite movie in or sets up a bubble bath for you, he should be able to comfort you when you need it the most.

6. He Knows How To Compromise

Marriage requires a lot of compromise, much like relationships in general. If you pick the movie, your partner gets to pick where you eat dinner. A man who knows how to compromise without complaining or getting upset might just be the one. It's a sign that your relationship will be a healthy amount of give and take.

7. He Helps Out Around The House

Gone are the days where a woman's work is in the kitchen and a man's work is outside. If your partner truly appreciates and respects you, he'll never make you feel like you're his personal maid. If you ask him to help out around the house and does it without complaining, he's husband material.

8. Your Opinion Matters To Him

Your partner shouldn't be the one making all of the decisions. If your guy is an ideal husband, he'll value your opinion. He'll respect you enough to sit down with you and discuss big decisions and he'll even ask your opinion about little things. He should view you as a friend and an adviser.

9. He Doesn't Run From His Problems

A man who runs from his problems can't be trusted to be in a committed, healthy relationship. If you're looking for a spouse, make sure your partner is strong enough to face his problems head on. If the two of you have a disagreement, he should want to sit down and talk it out instead of walking out the door. Sources: Bright Side A New Mode The Huffington Post Self Life Hack