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8 Things Strong Mothers Teach Their Daughters

Mother-daughter relationships often go through up's and down's, but the love a mother has for her daughter is unconditional. By setting a good example, a mother can teach her daughter valuable lessons to help her navigate womanhood and life in general. The bond between a mother and daughter is unlike any other. Here are eight things that strong mothers teach their daughters:

1. It's OK To Ask For Help

A strong mother will never make her daughter feel bad for needing help. She encourages independence, but she'll always be there for her daughter to lean on. She teachers her daughter that we all need someone to learn on every once in a while, and that's perfectly OK.

2. Keep Looking Forward

When something negative happens, a strong mother tells her daughter to learn from her mistakes and move on. She explains that dwelling in the past will only bring her down. Regardless of past mistakes, her future is bright and she can overcome anything. mother and baby

3. You Create Your Own Happiness

A strong mother teaches her daughter that the only person who is truly in charge of her happiness is herself. Despite the negative people that may come in and out of her life, she is responsible for finding what makes her happy and establishing a fulfilling life.

4. Strength And Compassion Can Coexist

Being compassionate does not mean that a woman isn't strong. A strong mother teachers her daughter that kindness, compassion and strength can coexist, and they are all wonderful qualities to have. mother FI

5. You Are More Than Enough

A strong mother teachers her daughter that she is more than enough just the way she is. She is beautiful enough, smart enough, strong enough and kind enough to conquer anything she comes across.

6. Unconditional Love Is Real

Unconditional love is a lesson that can best be taught by example. When a strong mother loves her daughter unconditionally, she is giving her the best and most valuable gift in the world. She is teaching her that unconditional love is real and it is a powerful thing. mothers-day

7. Being A Woman Can Be Tough

A strong mother explains to her daughter that it's not always easy being a woman. The world may seem unfair at times just because of her gender. Regardless, a strong mother teachers her daughter to navigate womanhood with dignity and integrity, always.

8. Love Yourself First

Learning to love yourself can be hard work, but it's the first step in leading a happy and fulfilled life. A strong mother teachers her daughter that accepting and loving herself for all her quirks and flaws will allow her to open up and show love and kindness to others. Sources: I Heart Intelligence Real Simple Stylist Mind Body Green Psychology Today