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7 History Questions They Won't Answer in School!

Ok, the secret's out — The traditional education system's version of history is absolute hogwash. Not only does it teach an overwhelmingly Eurocentric version of events, it also only goes back so far, leaving out points in history where European influence was nowhere to be seen. One example of just how much our history textbooks have glossed over can be found in the tale of Piri Reis' 1513 map of Antarctica. For some background, Reis was a geographer art cartographer hailing from the Ottoman Empire. He is known as the creator of the world's oldest New World map, as well as the oldest known map of America in existence. And then there's a pesky old map of Antarctica that baffles anyone using a modern history textbook as a guide. You see, history textbooks tell us that Antarctica was discovered by one Captain James Cook on January 17, 1773. But how could that be if Reis drew a map of the region several hundred years before James Cook found it?
Piri Reis' map of Antarctica Piri Reis' map of Antarctica
On that note, here are 10 related questions that history textbooks have yet to acknowledge.

1. Where did the Imperial Library of Constantinople get their maps, which Reis referenced?

Piri Reis got his information on Antarctica from various source maps in the Imperial Library of Constantinople, some of which dated all the way back to 4 B.C.

2. Is it possible humans have inhabited the earth much longer than history tells us?

The last time Antarctica was not completely frozen was at least 35 million years ago. So is the detailed Antarctica map indicative of an intelligent civilization having existed since then?

3. When we think of pyramids, we think of Egypt. And yet, there are pyramids on every single continent. Who built them?

It's a known fact that pyramids exist on every global continent, raising hordes of questions ranging from how such massive blocks were transported to who exactly was around to build them at the time and why.

4. Which culture made this coin?

oopart-pyramid Over 350 artifacts were notably found in an old Ecuadorian tunnel system. One of them shows the same pyramid with the all-seeing eye that is on the American dollar bill today. Research from Klaus Dona leads us to conclude that under this all-seeing eye is information mapping Orion's Belt as well as writing older than any language we know of. This writing can be found on other artifacts as well, begging the question: Was there a global culture many many years ago?

5. What is the true meaning of the pyramid and all-seeing-eye and why is it still seen in our civilization today?

'Eye of Horus' Egyptian artifact. 'Eye of Horus' Egyptian artifact.
Modern conspiracy theorists would have you believe it's some sort of Illuminati symbol. But really, the 'all seeing eye of providence' is an emblem found in artifacts from many cultures and religions which would have had a considerably difficult time communicating with each other given the point in history at which they originated.

6. What is the origin of the Dorchester Pot?

The Dorchester PSciAm1851_optimizedot is an artifact found in Massachusetts in 1852. According to a Scientific American article from that time, it was found in two pieces after an explosion used to break up rock on Meeting House Hill. The pot is actually believed to have originated 100,000 years ago. What civilization was advanced enough at that time to create such a pot, especially when history tells us civilization as we know it has only been around for 6,000 years?

7. Is it possible some major catastrophic event wiped out all trace of a civilization much older than we're aware of?

Conditions that would render our products like TVs, cell phones, cars, planes and virtually everything we've created invisible are surprisingly feasible. So what is there to tell us such an event didn't take place in the past, hiding all trace of a previous advanced civilization? What is the likelihood of such an event happening in the future?>