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6 Things To Know If You’re Friends With A Leo

If you're friends with someone who was born between July 23rd and August 22nd, congrats – you're friends with a Leo! Chances are, that person is one of the most adventurous, loyal and driven people you know. But it's not all a bunch of roses; Leos also tend to be stubborn, egotistical and possessive. That doesn't mean you should cut your Leo friend out of your life and hit the road for good, though! All it means is that, like everyone else, Leos require a bit of understanding.

6 Things You Should Keep In Mind To Make Your Friendship With A Leo Run Smoothly!

#1 – Patience Is Key

shutterstock_158274488 Out of all the Zodiacs, Leos are one of the most likely to be impatient. So when you hit the town with a Leo, you'll want to make sure you're packing extra patience to make up for their deficiency. You'll need it to get out of awkward situations when their temper begins to flare.

#2 – You'll Have To Give Up Some Control

Leos tend to be very comfortable in positions of authority and control. They also tend to have a hard time giving up their power. So if you're friends with a Leo, prepare to concede every once in a while. Whether it's planning a trip or organizing a wedding menu, things will just run a lot more smoothly if you let them take the wheel.

#3 – Don't Question Their Loyalty, Ever

shutterstock_176659673 You don't have to ever worry about a Leo betraying you. That's a fact. They're loyal – often, to a fault. You Leo friend will often put themselves on the line for you and as such, they'll take serious offense if you ever accuse them of being disloyal or untrustworthy.

#4 – Listen To The Truth In Their Criticism

A Leo's loyalty can make them incredibly blunt and honest. They want the best for you and they're not going to let you settle. And that goes for many things – from dates to outfits and major life choices. Keep that in mind if you're ever tempted to jump on the defensive (or offensive) in response to something a Leo says. That won't get you anywhere; be patient and receptive instead.

#5 – Prepare For Relentless Energy

shutterstock_100735168 (1) If you're going out with a Leo, brace yourself for a long adventure. Whether it's a party or a hike, they're in it for the long, long haul. Get some extra sleep the night before or drink some coffee – whatever you've gotta do to keep up!

#6 – Don't Be Afraid To Set Boundaries

If you let a Leo control your time and energy, you'll quickly find that they're incredibly possessive. Don't be afraid to set boundaries and enforce them when your Leo friend is becoming too demanding. They're not going to get mad and storm off; their loyalty will cause them to adjust until things reach a place you're both comfortable with.

Have you got any other tips for dealing with Leo friends? Drop us a note in the comments!