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5 Simple Ways to Help Your Body Heal Itself!

Few things reveal the power of the human mind more than the placebo effect. Put simply, a dud pill or treatment can have a powerful effect on everything from depression and pain to sleeping disorders. It largely depends on the patient's perception. And it works even when you know you're taking a placebo. So what's really at work when we experience changes due to a placebo? What if I told you that youare the placebo? Could it be? Could you help your body fight conditions simply by agreeing to cooperate with it through meditation? shutterstock_221677984 Dr. Joe Dispenza has released a book called You Are The Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter,that certainly suggests so. As Dr. Lissa Rankin writes, this goes directly against the training most doctors receive which causes them to believe they know your body more than you do. But Dr. Rankin is now a believer in the idea that the mind can be just as powerful as medicine. She believes the body is a self-healing organism that functions best when stress is at a low. That's why activities like meditation seem to reap such incredible physical and mental benefits. According to Dr. Rankin, our brains can't tell the difference between being chased by a tiger or simply thinking, "Nobody loves me" or "I'm never going to get well." As such, it triggers a fight or flight response in your body that takes energy away from self-healing. And that's a large part of why people reap such incredible physical and mental benefits from yoga and meditation. It's a large part of why yoga affects your DNA. shutterstock_150725585 I'm smiling even as I write this because it's an incredibly powerful truth that has the potential to change lives. It's not necessarily about refusing to take conventional medications and focussing only on meditation. It's about making wise choices about which medications you take and combiningthe power of modern and alternative medicine with the belief that you canget better and that you willget better. You can be grumpy and negative while you're taking even the strongest of medications and it might work, or it could fail miserably. You're taking your chances. But just imagine how powerful medicine can be when you're positive. Just imagine how much of a positive influence you can be on your friends and family members when they see you smiling and being positive in the face of a debilitating condition.

Steps To Activate Your Body's Self-Repair Mechanisms

Dr. Rankin's book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourselflists the following scientifically proven steps that can help to further self-recovery.

#1. Believe in yourself.

shutterstock_264221285 First of all, believe in yourself and the power of your mind. You're only incurable if you think you are. Doctors have been proven wrong time and time again when they've told patients they'll never walk again or they'll never do ___ again. A diagnosis doesn't have to be the final prognosis.

#2. Find good support.

shutterstock_321375020 You need to surround yourself with positive people who also believe in your power to heal yourself.

#3. Listen to your body.

shutterstock_267028289 Your body is your business. Pay attention to your intuition and take note of sensations in your body.

#4. Give up your attachment to a particular outcome.

shutterstock_182120438 The outcome should not be your focus. The focus should be ensuring that you're giving your body all the support and love it needs to fight for you. Illness can teach you valuable lessons. Try to learn as much as you can from them and make changes in your life that will make your condition worth it.

#5 Listen to the Ted Talk Below!

Are you intrigued by Dr. Rankin's theories? Check out her TED Talk on the subject below!>