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5 Tips To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home FOREVER!

Few things are as disconcerting as pulling back your shower curtain to find that a spider is hanging out in your tub. If you've never experienced that, let me tell you – even after flushing the bugger, you will spend your entire bath flinching at every sensation on your skin. Sound unpleasant? Well, it is! Save yourself the trouble by doing these 5 things that will kick spiders outta your home for good.

1. Spray Lemon Oil

shutterstock_173069252 Ah, lemon. It's one of the freshest natural smells out there. To humans, at least. Spiders? They hate the stuff, with a passion. Grab some organic lemon essential oil and dilute it in a bit of water. Put this in a spray bottle and spray it lightly around your baseboards, on windowsills and anywhere else you notice spiders hanging out in your home.

2. Get Cedar Blocks

Cedar is another natural scent spiders fear and loathe. Get yourself some cedar blocks and place them in areas you spot spiders. Throw some blocks in your closet and you'll also keep moths away from your clothes!

3. Spray White Vinegar

shutterstock_162054212 Mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Voila! Just like that, you've got yourself a super-effective spider deterrent. You know the drill, spray it wherever you've seen the buggers.

4. Spray Peppermint Oil

There's a lot of spraying on this list, in case you haven't noticed. But hey, every time I see a spider in my house, I think of spraying alright – with a flamethrower. The suggestions on this list are a lot safer. Grab yourself some peppermint essential oil. Mix about 8 drops of it in a spray bottle filled with water. Spray a bit on your arm to test. It should smell super minty. If it doesn't, add 8 more drops of essential oil. Shake the bottle well and spray it around your home. Not only will you get rid of spiders – other insects will head for the hills too!

5. Let Chestnuts Be Thy Guide

shutterstock_331794734 There is a chemical in chestnuts known as saponin. It's highly toxic to insects but totally safe for humans to be around. Poke holes in several chestnuts and place them around your home.

Check out this DIY spider repelling spray video!

Be sure to let us know how these tips work for you! Drop us a note in the comments.

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