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5 Signs Your Life is About to Drastically Change

Sometimes, when everything feels like it's falling apart, it may actually be falling into place. Many of us fear change, but change helps us learn, grow and discover new parts of ourselves that we never new existed. If life seems a little hectic right now, take comfort in knowing that in a few weeks, months or years, you might understand why things happened the way they did. Here are five signs that your life is about to shift drastically.

1. Your Dislikes Have Become Unbearablescream

We all have things that anger or annoy us, but when the things you dislike start to cause a discomfort past a feeling of irritability, it may be a sign that a life change is coming. If things you never noticed before begin to bother you or give you a headache, it's because the negative energy surrounding you is so overwhelming that you're about to snap and make a much-needed change.

2. You Feel Lostsad

Sometimes it isn't until you are lost that you are able to truly find yourself. When you feel stuck in a rut and begin to question your job, your relationships, your goals and desires, this is when you are finally able to see what you want to accomplish and who you want to be. When you feel like things are out of control and you don't know what to do or where to go, you will eventually make the decision to start down a new path toward happiness.

3. You've Just Returned From an Adventureadventure

Whether you've studied abroad, traveled to help build houses in a third-world country or have gone on a week-long road trip to explore, returning home after an adventure can be eye-opening. You've seen new things, explored a new land or culture, and have new, amazing memories. You might start to question your current path and reset your goals and dreams. Traveling can be a life-changing adventure.

4. You're Confused by Your Emotionsconfused

When you feel like a flood of emotions are pulling you in all sorts of different directions, it's a sign that something new is coming. You might not know what to expect. Maybe it's something you can't plan for, but be patient and allow yourself to be open to change. Your mixed emotions can be confusing, but they will all sort out with time.

5. You Experience Synchronicitiesfive

Many people see synchronicities as a subtle nudge, letting you know that you are on the right path. These occurrences can provide assurance when you aren't quite sure if you're getting it right. A series of 5's is often considered to be the most common sign that a change is coming (constantly seeing 5's everywhere you go). This is seen as the clearest sign that you should prepare yourself and be open to something new that arises. When change occurs, most people have the habit of determining change to be positive or negative. Instead of placing each event into those categories, think of change as neutral. It's something that was needed, in order for you to learn, grow, and follow the path to happiness.