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This 5 Question Test Will Reveal Your True Personality!

How would you like to do some digging into your own subconscious, right here, right now? Don't worry, I'm not going to ask you to sign up for some extensive psychotherapy course. When I say 'right here, right now,' I mean literally – just scroll down a bit and take the super cool and accurate subconscious personality test below. Let me tell you – I took the test myself and with just five questions, it figured out my personality to a tee. The coolest part is how creative the questions are. I can guarantee you won't see them coming. But once it spits out a description for you, it'll all click!

Ready? Let's go!

So, what did you get? Pretty scary accurate, right? Be sure to pass this post along to your friends to see how they do!

Source: Playbuzz