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Research Reveals 4 Types Of Introverts. Which One Are You?

Psychologists have identified four different types of introverts and how to recognize them...

Psychologist Jonathan Cheek is famous for identifying four distinctly different types of introverts. Dr. Cheek is a Professor of Personality Psychology at Wellesley College and got his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Cheek's research includes work regarding shyness, self-concept, and identity orientations. According to Professor Cheek there are four types of introverts. Social, thinking, anxious, and restrained introverts are the four types of shy people you will meet. According to New York Magazine, Cheek has been working on this since the 1980's when he realized that the scientific definition of introverts doesn't stack up. Many of us are introverts. However, do you know what type of introvert you are? While many people can be a mix of these four different types of introverts, many introverts can relate to one type more than others. Which one describes you?

The "Social" Introvert:

You prefer solitude or small groups instead of large groups or big parties. This is what as known as the more classic type of introvert. These people do not prefer small groups due to social anxiety, it is something they just naturally desire. They prefer to be in a small group but not being in one won't cause them to panic.

The "Thinking" Introvert:

You are a classic daydreamer. You are the type of person who can get lost in their own thoughts, their own little fantasy world if given the opportunity. Your thoughts can consume you and you are highly creative. You would get lost in your thoughts all day long if you could.

The "Anxious" Introvert:

This is that painfully awkward person. This person, unlike the social introvert, seeks out solitude in order to curb their social anxiety. This type of introvert is absolutely terrified of being in public. This anxiety doesn't necessarily go away when they area alone. They can often be anxious at the thought of having to be social in the future.

The "Restrained" Introvert:

Restrained introverts seem aloof and distant. These types of people are very cautious and reserved. These types of people tend to be soft-spoken and quiet. They might almost seem sedated and withdrawn, taking their time with every situation. The restrained introvert is cool, calm, and collected. Their introversion seems to come with an abundance of caution. Source: New York Magazine