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4 Signs You're A Very Strong Yet Highly Sensitive Person

When you think of the characteristics that make up an emotionally strong individual, what tops the list? Probably things like confidence, determination and resilience, right? How about sensitivity? It might seem a bit counter-intuitive but emotionally strong people can indeed be highly sensitive people as well. It's not like one trait has to compete with the other either; both can co-exist to create a balanced, deep individual. Hm... Do you think youmight be a strong yet sensitive person? Let's explore a few indicators!

1. You have no problem admitting that you're overwhelmed.

Highly Sensitive The strongest person isn't necessarily the one who can take on the most stress. In fact, the strongest person is most often the one who knows their limits at any given moment and puts their foot down when those limits are reached. This, in fact, makes that individual stronger in the long run. They don't suffer nearly as many burnouts as those who lack sensitivity and the self-understanding that comes with it. Sound like you? Emotionally strong yet highly sensitive, you are!

2. You look for real connections.

Highly sensitive people long to connect deeply with others. When you combine that with an emotionally strong personality, you get someone who won't tolerate small chit-chat for very long. They have no problem opening up about political views and values. If a date or potential friend is hesitant to do the same, that person likely won't move past the 'acquaintance' stage in the eyes of a highly sensitive, emotionally strong individual.

3. You have very high standards – and you're not afraid to enforce them.

shutterstock_197364020 While a highly sensitive person can indeed have high standards, they're not very likely to enforce them. Their empathetic tendencies mean that they do their best to understand where people are coming from. Unfortunately, that often means settling for a lot of sub-par treatment. But when you combine high sensitivity with emotional strength? No crap is gonna fly in that person's world! The highly sensitive yet strong individual knows what they deserve and they know what to do when they're not getting it.

4. You call the shots like you see em.

Highly sensitive people find it very easy to sense emotion in others. At a party, they know who's feeling left out and they know who was hurt by what 'so-and-so' said. When conflicts pop up, emotional strength grants that highly sensitive person the confidence required to speak out with fairness and accuracy.

So, are you a highly sensitive yet emotionally strong individual? Let us know in the comments! Pass this post along to your friends to see if they relate!

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